Montessori education for changing the life of children

Lower Elementary School Student with Parents

The education patterns are changing today in different parts of the world as they primarily focus on improving skills that suit current environment. Montessori education is unique one which gives ways for changing the life of a child with different approaches. It plays a key role in laying a strong foundation for children by understanding […]

Montessori education for developing qualities of children

A recent study says that children have their natural capabilities to learn basic education without any pressure. Montessori system of education is exclusively designed for this purpose which plays a significant role in enhancing the skills of a child to face challenges in a competitive environment. It is proved as an efficient one that gives […]

Montessori education for honing the qualities of children

Education experts say that preschool education plays a significant role in sculpting the talents of child. Montessori education pattern mainly aims in improving the potentials of children with working materials rather than reading books. It gives ways for preparing them for a challenging world by imparting self confidence levels and other skills.    There are […]

Montessori Education for Improving the learning capacities

Preschool education is followed at different levels across various parts of India in order to shape the skills of children. Montessori education is now becoming a popular one among many parents as it provides methods for learning lessons in simple ways to reach next levels. There are certain schools which follow this education pattern for […]

Exploring More Things to Children With Montessori

Education involves different types which help for nourishing skills of children effectively to achieve goals in life. However, most of them insist on memorizing the lessons. It is said that providing early education to a child will make him/her a better citizen. Some education pattern is mainly designed for this purpose which helps to inculcate […]

Toning the Learning Capabilities of Children

Recent studies on children reveal that they have the skills to improve their knowledge through Montessori education. This system mainly focuses on shaping the potentials of a child with varied approaches. Montessori syllabus is a suitable for learning the lessons in own pace to gain better prospects. It gives ways for developing the brain powers […]

Honing the Talents of Children With Montessori Education

Honing the Talents of Children With Montessori Education Parents should focus on shaping the talents of children in their early age to improve efficiency levels while performing important tasks. Research scholars say that educating a child in the preschools will make him/her to become a successful person. Montessori education is now becoming a familiar one […]

Montessori Education For Inculcating Talents of Children

Montessori education pattern is considered as an effective one for shaping the skills of a child in a natural and non-competitive environment. It is also becoming a popular system in various parts of the world due to several features. The Montessori syllabus is mainly focusing on improving social, mental and physical abilities of children to […]

Mixed Age group – learning, teaching and social development

One fine morning I was sitting down on the mat and observing a child, who was working with checkered board in the Elementary environment. Three children came up to me and asked what I was doing. Slowly we dripped into a conversation.     Suddenly a child asked me why in Sharanalaya younger children and […]

Fire Drill, with a difference

It was a great and fearful experience on the 30th of July 2014 when we had our fire drill session. Morning, we were instructed that there would be a fire drill , but the exact time was not informed. We were given clear instructions on what needs to be done. After that I was a […]

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