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Founder of Sharanalaya Montessori School


Mrs. Manju Venkat

Ms. Manju Venkat, the visionary behind Sharanalaya, has been a beacon of Montessori excellence for over two decades. Her journey began with rigorous training at the Center for Montessori Training (CMTC), which ignited her passion for child-centric education. This passion drove her to establish Sharanalaya, and under her leadership, the school has flourished as a premier Montessori school in Akkarai – ECR.

Deeply rooted in Montessori principles, Ms. Manju’s approach seamlessly marries tradition with innovation. Beyond her devotion to the Montessori method, she recognized the evolving needs of education and thus working everyday to successfully integrate the ICSE, IGCSE*, and IBDP curriculums to provide a holistic educational experience.


Mr. Venkat Laxman

Mr. Venkat Laxman, co-founder of Sharanalaya, is a pillar of wisdom and strategy for our school. With a talent for predicting educational trends and a commitment to excellence, Mr. Venkat has shaped Sharanalaya’s vision with Ms. Manju.

In an advisory role, Mr. Venkat blends innovative thinking with respect for Montessori methods. His insights have guided Sharanalaya through major milestones, adapting to educational changes while upholding our core values. His leadership and community engagement ensure our school not only educates, but nurtures global citizens. Mr. Venkat’s dedication, vision, and support have truly empowered Sharanalaya’s growth.

Head of School of Sharanalaya Montessori School - Mr. Sanjeev

Head of School

Mr. Sanjeeva Kumar Sinha

Mr. Sanjeeva Kumar Sinha serves as the Head of School of Sharanalaya, where his extensive experience and wisdom in the field of education are invaluable. With a distinguished career dedicated to the principles of Montessori education, he plays a pivotal role in guiding Sharanalaya’s strategic direction. Mr. Sinha is committed to upholding the school’s mission of providing an authentic Montessori education to children, ensuring that Sharanalaya remains at the forefront of child-centric learning. His guidance fosters a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, contributing significantly to the institution’s reputation for excellence in Montessori education.

Principle Speech in Sharanalaya School Event

Vice Principal

Mrs. M. Tamizhselvi

Mrs. M. Tamizhselvi is a beloved and integral member of the Sharanalaya family. Her dedication to nurturing young minds and her deep-rooted commitment to the Montessori philosophy have left an indelible mark on the school’s ethos. As an educator, Mrs. Tamizhselvi’s unwavering standards for perfection and her innate love for children have been instrumental in shaping every facet of Sharanalaya. Her contributions to the institution have earned her recognition for her exceptional work in child development through Montessori philosophy. Mrs. Tamizhselvi’s passion and devotion inspire all those fortunate enough to be a part of the Sharanalaya community.

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