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Founder of Sharanalaya Montessori School


Mrs. Manju Venkat

Ms. Manju Venkat, the visionary behind Sharanalaya, has been a beacon of Montessori excellence for over two decades. Her journey began with rigorous training at the Center for Montessori Training (CMTC), which ignited her passion for child-centric education. This passion drove her to establish Sharanalaya, and under her leadership, the school has flourished as a premier Montessori school in Akkarai – ECR.

Deeply rooted in Montessori principles, Ms. Manju’s approach seamlessly marries tradition with innovation. Beyond her devotion to the Montessori method, she recognized the evolving needs of education and thus working everyday to successfully integrate the ICSE, IGCSE*, and IBDP curriculums to provide a holistic educational experience.


Mr. Venkat Laxman

Mr. Venkat Laxman, co-founder of Sharanalaya, is a pillar of wisdom and strategy for our school. With a talent for predicting educational trends and a commitment to excellence, Mr. Venkat has shaped Sharanalaya’s vision with Ms. Manju.

In an advisory role, Mr. Venkat blends innovative thinking with respect for Montessori methods. His insights have guided Sharanalaya through major milestones, adapting to educational changes while upholding our core values. His leadership and community engagement ensure our school not only educates, but nurtures global citizens. Mr. Venkat’s dedication, vision, and support have truly empowered Sharanalaya’s growth.

Deputy Head of School

Ms. Jaya Nambiar

Build what you want to see in the world – Jack Dorsey

Ms Jaya Nambiar brings in diverse teaching-learning experiences of over 2 decades in various boards put together both national and international curricula: CBSE, ICSE, Cambridge and International Baccalaureate (IB) under the aegis of renounced organizations in the country.

Certified by WIPRO as ‘Applying Thought Teacher and accredited by Harvard University with certification for Creating Cultures of Thinking in the classrooms, Ms. Nambiar continues to inspire her journey as a lifelong learner who is ever ready not to be the change to see the change.

Ms. Jaya is a passionate teacher trainer/workshop leader. Her past projects include virtual workshops for Aditya Birla Education Academy (ABEA) for their capacity building programmes aligning New National Education Policy NEP 2020. Her other experience includes offline training modules for capacity building programmes by CBSE CoE (Centre of Excellence) Chennai.  Recently she has been certified as workshop leader for extra mile education and training for their online webinar series.

UN SDGS being her passion project in her workplaces have enormously helped in taking the classroom learning beyond the school community through global collaboration connecting schools through various geographies. Apart from being an educator, she is a passionate member of Toastmasters International volunteering in helping people develop communication and leadership skills, a member of Education Today Society Tomorrow movement (ETST)

Her educational philosophy connects with Japanese philosophy Kintsugi which inspires her to create a culture of transformation and to be compassionate, empathetic, and resilient.

Ms. Nambiar says: “While knowledge helps us in keeping the momentum between dreams and reality, one should take a pause, reflect and bring the culture of growth mindset in order to weather ‘the weather’ within and around you as celebrating living is the essence of everyday happiness.”

Ms Roopa Praveen - Montessori Coordinator

Montessori Coordinator

Ms Roopa Praveen

Montessori Coordinator – Ms Roopa Praveen

Roopa Praveen is an evolved educator, mentor, and leader. She brings her knowledge and expertise to nurture young minds and a community of educators, creating value through the Montessori philosophy in education. With over fifteen years of experience, she instills values, encourages innovation and creativity, and builds sustainable teams to empower the next generation to choose their path. Roopa believes in continuous learning and ensures that her team is equipped to meet the evolving needs of our progressive education system. Her experience with Montessori education and international curriculums provides a dynamic approach that adds value and fosters young minds.

The trust she holds in the Montessori system of education, along with future upgrades and upskilling, constructs her as a unique individual. Her abilities in image management enable her to visualize and establish a conducive environment for future learning. She continues setting new benchmarks and pathways to inspire and motivate many aspiring educators. Education for value creation is loud, yet simple principles are followed and practiced throughout.

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