An initiative by Sharanalaya Montessori School to share and spread the essence of the Montessori Method of Education.“The vision of the teacher should be at once precise like that of a scientist, and spiritual like that of a saint. The preparation for science and the preparation for sanctity should form a new soul, for the attitude of the teacher should be at once positive, scientific, and spiritual.”


“The Advanced Montessori Method – I

The STDI program will prepare an adult to facilitate learning in an Elementary Montessori Environment. It will provide a comprehensive methodology for Montessori teaching that effectively allows anyone to create the right conditions for revealing the child’s true nature as discovered by Dr. Maria Montessori.

Sharanalaya Teacher Development Initiative



Program Duration and Timings

Elementary program @ Akkarai
Program Content

Theory: Montessori Principles and Practices for the Elementary Age Group

Subjects: History, Geography, Language, Mathematics, Geometry, Biology

– An overview of each subject area will be given, covering the entire 6 to 12 years age group.

Supervised Practice: Time will be allotted to practice with the materials presented.

Observation: You will be asked to observe the characteristics and working of children and keep a record of your observations.

Assignments and Evaluation: Assignments will be given and evaluated periodically. You will also be required to submit your notes of the theory lectures and presentations in folders.

Attendance: 95% attendance is required. Should you need to take leave, prior written intimation has to be given. In case of illness, information should be passed on immediately by phone.

Facilitators: The holds an AMI Montessori Elementary diploma at the 6-12 age level. She has a Masters in Plant Science. She has been working in an Elementary Montessori environment for the past 16 years. She has experience in mentoring and supporting untrained staff/ Trainee teachers. She has conducted several workshops for parents on the Montessori Method of Education and been a speaker in the Maitree Conference held in 2010.She has also spoken about opportunities available after Montessori Training on NDTV.

The holds an AMI Montessori Elementary diploma at the 6-12 age level and the AMI Assistants Certificate for the 3-6 age level. She has over 5 years teaching experience at the 6-12 level. She is a Bachelor of Chemical Technology and has spearheaded several research and development projects.

Both are passionate about spreading and providing Montessori Education for all. They have jointly started Vrithi Enrichment Centre, which provides children from any school stream to experience the joy of independent learning through the Montessori Method.

Recommended reading

  • To Educate the Human Potential
  • The Discovery of the Child
  • The Secret of Childhood
  • Education for a New World
  • From Childhood to Adolescence
  • Child in the Family
  • Absorbent Mind
  • Education and Peace

These books are available in Kalakshetra (Adyar) and Neil and Nikki (Velachery). You could also order some of them online through Flipkart.

The cost of the books will be approximately Rs.3,000/-

Stationery requirement
  • Brown Envelopes (A4 size)
  • Common stationery items
  • Printing requirements
  • Files

These will approximately work out to Rs.5,000/-

The cost will vary depending on the choices made.

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