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Teachers Training

Kindergarten School in Akkarai, ECR, Chennai

At Sharanalaya World School, teachers are at the heart of our mission to shape our students’ future. We implement comprehensive training and development programs so our educators stay ahead of the curve of pedagogical advancements.

Ongoing Workshops

Our workshops span a diverse range of topics to equip teachers with the latest skills and knowledge:

  • Subject-specific training provides updates on new approaches, activities, and resources to make academics engaging.
  • Communication skills workshops enhance verbal and nonverbal techniques for effectively connecting with students.
  • Personality development programs provide strategies to instill qualities like confidence, empathy, resilience and leadership.
Parents Learning Program in Sharanalaya
Montessori School Education in Chennai

Immersive Experiences

Beyond workshops, we offer immersive training experiences:

  • Classroom observations allow teachers to learn from peer methodologies firsthand.
  • Hands-on classroom training sessions provide practical experience in varied educational approaches.

Community Collaboration

We actively collaborate with fellow educators by hosting school visits and sharing best practices. This fosters an exchange of ideas that elevates education across the region.

Our comprehensive training initiatives empower educators to bring out the best in every student and evolve as professionals.

Lower Elementary School Student with Parents

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+91-74182 27774 / +91-74182 27775

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+91 9500090150

We’re conveniently accessible for families residing in Akkarai, Sholinganallur, OMR, and other parts of the ECR region.

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