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Sharanalaya World School is close to the quiet Iskcon temple and the lovely VGP Golden Beach in ECR, Chennai. We started in 2001 and have always worked hard to give the best Montessori teaching. Our school is not just about books and lessons. We want every child to grow in all ways, to feel special, and to love learning for their whole life.

In the last 20 years, more than 10,000 students have learned with us. They each followed their own path, learning what they love and getting to know more about the world. Many of our students have done really well in different jobs and activities because of the start they got here at Sharanalaya.

If you are looking for a great Montessori school in ECR, think about Sharanalaya. To us, teaching is not just a job. We’ve been helping kids learn and grow for many years. Please look around our website to see how we help kids learn and grow.

22+ Years

of Passion,

Founder of Sharanalaya Montessori School

Our Founder :

Ms. Manju

Our esteemed founder, Ms. Manju, conceived Sharanalaya’s vision. With a deep belief in Montessori philosophy, she envisioned a nurturing environment where children could thrive at their own pace, unconstrained by traditional education. Ms. Manju’s steadfast commitment to the Montessori method, along with her conviction in educators’ transformative power, continues to guide our institution. Moreover, drawing on over 20 years of experience, her expertise has been key to integrating the Montessori approach with ICSE, IGCSE*, and IBDP curriculums. This unique blend ensures Sharanalaya remains faithful to its Montessori roots while preparing students for the global challenges ahead.

Our Vision

  • To be the most respected and valued space for child-centered education.

Our Mission

  • The school provides a value-centered interactive environment that promotes the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual growth of every child.
  • The mixed age-group environments ensure learning of social skills through free interactions in which older children learn to care for and mentor the younger ones.
  • Highly skilled educators make presentations that focus on sequenced learning to help the child achieve his/her potential.
  • The environments are carefully prepared for facilitating the optimal use of hands-on Montessori materials.
  • The child is encouraged to choose work independently and explore the world at his/her own pace. Each environment promotes harmony and maturity by recognizing and meeting every need of the child.
  • The quality of education is maintained consistently through seminars and workshops that enhance continuous teacher development.
  • The school envisages the development of an integrated Montessori community that brings together resources and ideas for enrichment and growth.

IMC Accreditation

Our commitment to upholding the highest standards of Montessori education is reflected in our IMC accreditation. This recognition underscores our dedication to ensuring every child at Sharanalaya receives an authentic and enriching Montessori experience.

AMI Accredition

Established by Dr. Maria Montessori herself, AMI sets the global standard for Montessori education, ensuring that institutions maintain the highest levels of quality and integrity in their teaching approach. Earning this accreditation underscores our commitment to offering an authentic Montessori environment, reflecting our dedication to preserving Dr. Montessori’s vision in its purest form.

Montessori at Sharanalaya

At the core of Sharanalaya’s ethos is our deep-rooted commitment to Montessori principles. We champion hands-on learning, individual exploration, and the nurturing of each child’s innate curiosity. Our classrooms are vibrant hubs of activity where students are encouraged to question, explore, and develop a comprehensive understanding of the world around them.

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+91-74182 27774 / +91-74182 27775

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+91 9500090150

We’re conveniently accessible for families residing in Akkarai, Sholinganallur, OMR, and other parts of the ECR region.


FAQs for Sharanalaya World School, Akkarai

The Montessori method is a child-centric approach to education that emphasizes hands-on learning, independence, and individual exploration.

Sharanalaya World School was founded in 2001 and has been a beacon of Montessori education for over two decades.

Our accreditations are a mark of our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of Montessori education and providing an authentic Montessori experience to every student.

Over the years, we have guided more than 10000+ students, helping them to discover their potential and fostering a love for learning.

Sharanalaya World School was founded by Ms. Manju, a passionate advocate for Montessori education.

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