Admissions AY'2024 - 2025

Sharanalaya School - Admissions AY'2024 - 2025

As the sun shines brighter and the days grow longer, Sharanalaya School, accredited by the Indian Montessori Centre (IMC), welcomes students for Summer Admissions 2024, up to Grade 10th. Located in the heart of Akkarai and close to Sholinganallur, our institution stands as a beacon of Montessori education, guiding countless students across the ECR, OMR, and Sholinganallur corridor.

Our Philosophy and Mission

At Sharanalaya, we believe in the transformative power of education. Our mission is to provide a holistic learning environment that nurtures curiosity, fosters independence, and encourages deeper exploration.

Our Educational Programs

Student Activity in Sharanalaya School

Primary (3-6 years)

1. Rooted in Montessori pedagogy.
2. Focuses on nurturing curiosity and building foundational skills.
Click here for Shranalya School's Primary education Curriculum

Primary School Near OMR, Sholinganallur

Lower Elementary (6-9 years)

1. Continuation of Montessori pedagogy.
2. Emphasis on fostering independence and deeper exploration.
Click here for Shranalya School's Lower Elementary education Curriculum

High School Admissions in Chennai

Upper Elementary (9-12 years)

1. Advanced Montessori pedagogy.
2. Preparation for transition to formal schooling.
Click here for Shranalya School's Upper Elementary education Curriculum

High School in ECR, Chennai

Grade 7 to Grade 12th (12+ years)

1. Follows the IGCSE and IBDP syllabus.
2. Ensures a seamless transition for students into a curriculum recognized for its comprehensive approach.
Click here for the high school Curriculum

A Legacy of Excellence and Expertise:

With a rich history dating back to 2001, Sharanalaya stands as a testament to the enduring
values of Montessori education. Our vision is further strengthened by our IMC accreditation, ensuring we adhere to the highest standards of Montessori pedagogy. Our team boasts highly qualified teachers, each trained rigorously in Montessori pedagogy and the IGCSE* curriculum, ensuring that every student receives the best educational experience.

Why Sharanalaya World School is Your Ideal Choice

Visionary Leadership:

1. Founded and led by Mrs. G. Manju Venkat.
2. Her vision and expertise ensure the school stays true to its mission and values.

Holistic Approach:

1. A balanced focus on academic, emotional, and social development.
2. Ensures well-rounded growth for every student.

Comprehensive Curriculum:

1. Montessori environment that nurtures curiosity and independence.
2. Transition to the recognized IGCSE curriculum from Grade VII onwards.

Continuous Teacher Training:

1. Regular professional development for educators.
2. Ensures students benefit from the latest teaching methodologies.

Parental Engagement:

1. Active collaboration with parents.
2. Offers training and insights to support child's growth outside the classroom.

Safe and Convenient Commute:

1. School bus services ensuring students' safety and punctuality.
2. Hassle-free daily commutes for students from various locations.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:

Canteen that provides nutritious meals catering to diverse tastes.

Alumni Testimonials:

1. Positive feedback from alumni and parents.
2. A testament to the school's credibility, impact, and long-term value.

Prime Location:

1. Centrally located in Akkarai.
2. Easy access from ECR, OMR, and Sholinganallur, making daily commutes hassle-free.

Summer 2024 Admission Process

Sharanalaya School School Activity in Chennai

Online Inquiry:

1. Fill out our online form to express interest

Upper Elementary School Student Activity

Personalized Call:

1. Our admission team will call you.
2. Together, you'll pick a convenient time for a school visit.

Best Middle School in Sholinganallur

School Visit:

1. Meet our team in person at the school.
2. Get a detailed tour and learn about our teaching methods, values, and curriculum.
3. Gain an understanding of our Montessori pedagogy.

High School Student Activity in Sharanalaya School

Decision Time:

1. If you're convinced, fill out the admission form to secure a spot for your child.

Sharanalaya School Students Activities

For Older Kids (7 years and above):

1. A short written assessment will be required.

Walk-in Option:

1. Do visit us between 3-4pm from Monday to Friday, and 10AM - 4PM on Satuday. Our team will guide you through the process.

Our Akkarai Campus - Overview

Location Map of Sharanalaya Montessori School

Prime Location:

• Situated in the tranquil surroundings of Akkarai, right next to the famous Iskcon temple.
• A short distance from VGP Golden Beach, ensuring easy accessibility for all.

Safe and Green Environment:

• A sprawling 21,600 sq ft of space, enriched with lush greenery.
• A perfect setting for immersive Montessori learning experiences.

High School Student Lab Experiment

A Second Home for Students:

• Our Akkarai campus is designed to feel like a home away from home.
• Children can connect with nature, learn about various plants, and participate in a range of outdoor activities.

Sharanalaya Montessori School Class Room

Modern Montessori Classrooms:

• Roomy, safe, and filled with natural light.
• Crafted to embody the Montessori principle of creating nurturing learning environments.

Student Activity in Montessori School

IMC Accreditation:

• We take pride in our accreditation from the Indian Montessori Centre.
• A testament to our unwavering dedication to Montessori education and its standards of excellence.

Photography Workshop by Mr. Vinoth

Dedicated and Trained Educators:

• Boasting a team of 15+ highly qualified teachers.
• Each one is trained in Montessori pedagogy, ensuring the best educational experience for our students.

Sharanalaya School Bus

Wide-Ranging Transport Service:

• Our school buses serve students from Sholinganallur, OMR, ECR, and surrounding areas of Akkarai.
• A reflection of our commitment to making quality education accessible to a broader community.

Our Testimonials

Overall Rating: 4.3/5

AY'2024 - 2025

Contact Us

For Admission Related Enquiry

+91-74182 27774 / +91-74182 27775

For School Related Enquiry

+91 9500090150

We’re conveniently accessible for families residing in Akkarai, Sholinganallur, OMR, and other parts of the ECR region.


FAQs for Sharanalaya World School, Akkarai

The World School approach centers around child-led learning, drawing from in-depth scientific
studies of child development. In Akkarai’s Sharanalaya, we’ve customized our Montessori
settings to champion self-reliance, involvement, and proactive learning, aiming for all-
rounded development in each child.

Absolutely! Sharanalaya World School holds esteemed accreditation from the Indian
Montessori Centre (IMC). This showcases our dedication to maintaining Montessori
education’s pinnacle standards in the Akkarai and ECR vicinity.

Our institution is thoughtfully positioned at No 23, Sai Baba Gardens, Akkarai, Sholinganallur, along the ECR Road, Chennai – 600119. We are optimally located for families from Akkarai, Sholinganallur, OMR, and neighboring ECR areas. [View on Google Maps].

For queries specific to admissions in our Montessori institution catering to the OMR and

ECR localities, kindly dial: +91-74182 27774 / +91-74182 27775. For general school matters,

please contact: +91 9500090150.

Sharanalaya, nestled in Akkarai’s core, presents a harmonious fusion of age-old Montessori techniques and contemporary educational approaches. Our recognition from IMC, our passionate educators, and our esteemed history since 2001 position us as a top choice for numerous families across OMR, ECR, and Sholinganallur

At Sharanalaya, student safety is paramount, more so given our strategic location in the

Sholinganallur-ECR stretch. We implement:

Rigorous safety protocols and standards.

On-site security staff at crucial locations.

Periodic educator training sessions on the safe usage of tools and technology.

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