Snakes, tortoises, turtles, alligators and chameleons

Snakes, tortoises, turtles, alligators and chameleons We visited the snake park as a part of our field trip along with our Lower Elementary children. The children were pretty excited about the visit and we reached the park at about 10 am. The authorities in the park took keen interest in explaining all the varieties of […]

Montessori education for exploring more things

Parents today want to provide their children a good quality education. But, most of the schools today only insist on scoring high marks in the examinations. This lead to several difficulties to a child while learning the lessons. Montessori education is entirely a unique concept which differs with other system. It helps children to excel […]

Developing various abilities of children with Montessori

Education is an essential for a child to know several things in his/her life. It involves different types which plays a key role in estimating the skills. At the same time, there are some education patterns which are mainly designed for learning lessons in a natural and non- competitive environment to ensure better prospects. Montessori […]

Montessori Education for Children to know their skills

Education plays a vital and continuous role in all spheres of life of an individual. Better education creates a more civilized person in the society. A true education does not restrict a person to study hard, memorize and get good marks but also insists him/her to explore and conquer new methods essential for the development […]

Increasing the Skills of Children With Montessori

Education plays an important role in shaping an individual’s career. Different types of education pattern is followed throughout India, but a majority of them are mere theoretical and does not cater to the practical aspects in life. Montessori education is creating awareness among the parents by providing ways for creating the child as an independent, […]

Montessori Education for Simpler Learning Process

Education is an integral part in a person’s life. Education is the sculptor that shapes a person into a better human and a good citizen. Education oriented with books is the current system followed in our state. This type of education may not prove good for improving the practical knowledge of a child. Montessori education […]

Learning Lessons With Unique Approaches

Various types of education systems prevail at school level in India. But, a majority of them are based mainly on memorization and are preferred by majority of the people. But, today this trend is changing due to the awareness created by the establishment of Montessori education in India. Many parents have realized the importance of […]

Developing Skills of Children with Montessori Education

Education has turned out as an indispensible part of human life both socially and personally. A need for education with a more constructive and developmental form has become an absolute necessity in today’s world. Montessori system of education fulfills these needs effectively thereby opening the door to a successful future for the children. Many parents […]

The Significance Of Montessori Education

Primary School ECR, Chennai

The education plays a very crucial role and creates a wide impact in a child’s future. Majority of Indian schools follow traditional system of education over a long period. Many parents desire to provide their children with an education that is highly constructive; concept oriented and opens a bright future for their children.    Montessori […]

Montessori Education For children to Learn Lessons With Ease

The role of education is very much crucial in all the aspects of a child’s development. Indian schools offer a wide variety of education systems, but most of them cater only to memorizing systems. Therefore, a need for a perfect education that caters to a child’s development in physical, emotional, cultural and social aspects has […]

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