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Level of Education

At Sharanalaya School, we are always striving to enhance our educational offerings to provide the best for our students. As part of our continuous efforts to elevate our academic standards, we have proposed the introduction of the IBDP syllabus for the Academic Year 2024. While this is currently a work in progress, our dedication and meticulous planning give us confidence in achieving this milestone. Our vision is to seamlessly integrate this globally recognized program, ensuring our students are equipped with a curriculum that’s both rigorous and relevant in today’s global context. From the foundational years where we instill the principles of Montessori education to the later stages where students delve into the depths of the IGCSE and, eventually, the IBDP syllabi, our aim remains consistent: to facilitate a holistic, seamless, and enriching academic journey for every student at Sharanalaya.

Age GroupGrade/LevelCurriculum
3-6 yearsPrimaryMontessori
6-9 yearsLower ElementaryMontessori
9-12 yearsUpper ElementaryMontessori
Grade 7-10High SchoolIGCSE
Grade 11-12Higher Secondary SchoolIBDP Syllabus Proposed

Montessori Classroom

Sharanalaya’s World school classroom is a lively, inviting space designed to enhance learning and growth. Children can freely choose from carefully curated Montessori materials that cater to their interests. These hands-on resources facilitate tangible learning across academic subjects and life skills.

While children direct their learning journey, our teachers provide subtle yet effective guidance, ensuring comprehension and progression. With observation, they discern when to intervene and when to let a child explore independently. This balance of child-led activity and teacher support fosters creativity.

Routines like rolling up rugs after use and maintaining a calm demeanor instill self-regulation and responsibility towards the community.

Through its intentional layout, interactive resources, and nurturing guidance, our Montessori classroom thrives as a dynamic learning hub.

Safety & Discipline of the Children

At Sharanalaya School, student safety and discipline are top priorities. We maintain a secure campus through measures like continuous surveillance, restricted boundaries, and regular safety drills. Beyond physical protections, we nurture a culture of discipline and respect. Educators use positive reinforcement and values-based teaching to instill self-control, accountability, and consideration among students.

This holistic approach ensures students are safeguarded within the school walls and equipped with essential life skills like discipline and integrity that extend beyond. Our goal is to provide an environment where children can grow into responsible citizens amidst a supportive community.

Holidays & School events

To know about school holidays and special events like annual day, sports day celebrations, it is always best advised to consult with your teacher as they will have the updated information.

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We’re conveniently accessible for families residing in Akkarai, Sholinganallur, OMR, and other parts of the ECR region.


Children between the ages of 3 to 6 years are eligible for our Primary education program.
At Sharanalaya, we follow the Montessori method, which is a child-centric approach emphasizing hands-on learning, independence, and individualized instruction tailored to each child’s developmental stage and interests
Our Montessori approach inherently recognizes and adapts to individual learning styles. Our educators are trained to observe and understand each child’s unique learning pace and style, providing tailored guidance accordingly.
Yes, we have a structured transition program to ensure a smooth progression for our students as they move to the next educational stage.
We believe in regular communication with parents. Periodic parent-teacher meetings, progress reports, and workshops are organized to keep parents informed about their child’s development
Absolutely! Our teachers are not only highly qualified but also extensively trained in Montessori pedagogy, ensuring an authentic Montessori experience for every child.
At Sharanalaya, we believe in inclusive education. Our educators are trained to identify and support children with special needs, ensuring they receive the necessary guidance and resources to thrive.
Safety is our top priority. We have strict safety guidelines, security personnel stationed at key points, and regular training for teachers to ensure the well-being of our students.

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