Fire Drill, with a difference

It was a great and fearful experience on the 30th of July 2014 when we had our fire drill session. Morning, we were instructed that there would be a fire drill , but the exact time was not informed. We were given clear instructions on what needs to be done. After that I was a little busy with the children and their work. Around 11:00 am, I heard a big noise, which scared me and then I remembered about the fire drill.

I spent my attention towards taking all the children safely to the ground floor.. As soon as the sound was heard by the children, I was surprised to know that the Upper Elementary Children realised that it was a fire drill practice. However, they didn’t inform the younger children, but they were helping few children to follow the instructions given by the adult.

 Mrinalini of the Upper Elementary was taking care of a few Lower Elementary children and didn’t let them know that it was a fire drill practice. She said she didn’t want the younger children to get scared. Fantastic maturity and she exhibited a typical Montessori trait of the elder ones helping the younger ones.

Children were so cooperative that they formed the line quickly and followed our instructions well. All the electrical switches were put out. One of the adults took the children out in line, while I grabbed the emergency attendance sheet to see if all the children were evacuated and I moved out of the environment.

Now, we know how to organize ourselves when there is an emergency.

Ms. Ambika Prasad

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