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Writing Takes Precedence Over Reading in the Montessori Method

It is common in the Montessori schools across the world that children learn to write even before they learn to read. Montessori Education assumes a different approach by teaching writing first. Unlike in traditional methods where reading is approached through an intellectual process, in Montessori Method, children already master writing before the intellectual process of reading, giving them a head start.

Why is Writing Taken up Prior to Reading in the Montessori Method?
Although traditional system of education emphasizes on learning to read first, in reality, the reading process begins with writing, one sound at a time, and one letter at a time. Not the alphabets but the respective phonetic sounds of each letters and words create the actual building blocks for the process of reading. This way, each sound, the letters, and the whole word, are marinated in the children’s different senses.

Reasons Why Writing Takes Precedence

  •  Learning to write forms the basis for learning to read
    • It is ironical, but while learning to write, children automatically learn to read. Sounding the letters as they go on writing, they put together the letters and sound, as they start writing. Rather than trying to remember letters and words or attempting to understand their meaning, they initially couple the sounds of each letter together in their mind, thus creating not only the sound but also the form of the letters and words.
  •  Understanding is Essential – memorizing comes later
    •  Even before they are introduced to the names of letters, Montessori children are introduced to the sound of each letter. This enables them to hear and learn the sounds of each letter without resorting to memorizing the names of letters. While reading before writing focuses on memorizing, the Montessori Method of writing first facilitates understanding the letters before memorization.

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