Montessori is based on the child’s innate need to develop intellectual and physical abilities and provides a carefullyprepared environment designed to meet and direct this need. 

Sharanalaya therefore aims to assist in the holistic development of the child – social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and cultural – so that the child will be better prepared for life and can adjust to the changing conditions of his/her environment. The Montessori approach to education is child-centered and is based on mutual respect and cooperation. The teacher in a Montessori classroom is more of a guide and facilitator respecting the concentration and varied learning approaches of the children. Non-aggression and non-interruption, tolerance, and concern for others are stressed. Montessori is about learning to balance responsibility with freedom of choice. It offers children the opportunity to realize their potential in a non-competitive environment and seeks to promote in them

  • Self-confidence and self-esteem
  • A sense of achievement and self-worth
  • Initiative and self-motivation
  • Independence and adaptability
  • Respect for work
  • Concentration and persistence in completing a task
  • A sense of responsibility for themselves and their actions
  • Cooperation with others and a sense of community
  • Respecting the rights and needs of others
What Makes Montessori Different from Other Education?

The child learns and is motivated through the work itself (not solely through the teacher) to persist in a given task. Each child has his/her own program suited to his/her particular personality and needs. Each child receives individual attention, wherever possible and certainly wherever needed, all instruction is one on one or in small groups of similar ability. One of the most important advantages is that each child can and does work at their own pace. Children are expected to work, and there is no competitiveness, only the child’s own drive and desire to learn. The child is neither pressured to keep up with others, nor bored by having to wait for others to catch up, consequently the child is happy to learn and come to school.

Sharanalaya is here to serve you

Dr. Maria Montessori believed that the task of learning should come naturally. ‘From the little child grows a mighty adult’. Childhood blooms only once & it is up to us to provide the necessary environment for a healthy blossom. For a child to grow from a seed to a healthy, well-nurtured tree (i.e., adult), it is important to pay attention to the roots (i.e., childhood). Being a Doctor of medicine and with her scientific knowledge, she designed a number of materials to enhance learning in children.

These materials are unique and are valid even with today’s children, even after 100 years, all over the world. Sharanalaya takes pride in following the Montessori system of education that was conceived by Dr. Maria Montessori. At Sharanalaya each child is a special individual. We instill self-confidence in the children in order to prepare them for the challenging world. They are encouraged to work on their talents. Besides education, a child needs to be exposed to so many other elements such as the practicality of life, the philosophy of nature, the etiquette followed in society, awareness of one’s existence, and the logical approach to reality.

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