What to expect when your child is in P1, P2, P3 (Primary) & Transition?
  • Parent and teacher need to give settling down time for the child. This would take a few weeks to a few months depending on the child. In Montessori terms, it’s called as settling down period
  • The child happily participates in oral group activities, thereby initiating socialization.
  • Child is shown How to Take care of Him/ Her-self. The child becomes independent in doing all his/her tasks
  • Refinement and Development of Motor skills begin
  • Presentations are given to prepare the child for math and language work
  • The child starts tracing and writing symbols. ( Alphabets )
  • He identifies the sounds corresponding to the symbols
  • He starts listening to the sounds of a word in succession
  • Stimulating and enhancing all senses of the child. (eg. tactile, stereognostic, kinesthetic, acoustic, visual etc.)
  • The child now accurately identifies numbers, counts clearly,  understands hierarchies, works with basic Arithmetic operations and writes numbers in succession
  • The child starts writing words
  • Oral Grammar concepts are given
  • The older child starts working with all 4 Arithmetic operations

Slowly the child moves  towards abstraction which means working without materials at times, solving word problems,  and understanding basic combinations in all 4 operations.

  • Child reads words and sentences with ease [ phonetically] moving towards reading  independently
  • Child starts writing sentences with punctuations
  • Child starts to write in small paragraphs and express their thoughts onto paper. (Phonetically)

Child now understands to work with mathematical operations with change.

  • Definition cards related to geometrical shapes, botany and landforms is presented
  • Name lessons for all materials, triangles and materials of culture area are provided
  • Child works independently  with all culture puzzles[ India puzzle & Asia puzzle]
  • Creative writing, dictation, Text book comprehension is established
  • Child is able to identify the grammar concepts in a sentence. He understands opposites, singular/plural and tenses
  • Child understands place value and fractions

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