What makes Montessori Method of Education Unique?

There is a wealth of difference between Montessori Method and other systems of education. Montessori approach enables children to turn into respectable persons. Offering ample opportunities to children for developing their potential to become competent and responsible when they step out as adults, it allows children to mature into responsible and practical people with commitment to community.

Exclusive Features of Montessori Education

  •  Builds self esteem and sense of community
  •  Older children teach younger children
  •  Material for Self-correction
  •  Growth through individual learning according to student’s specific pace and interest
  •  Serene learning environment with students showing respect for others – inner peace is infused as innate trait of learners
  •  Hands-on learning method rather than abstract learning
  •  Student-centered learning environment – learning material, furniture, and atmosphere align with children and their growth
  •  Children are allowed to experience the joy of working and learning – a sense of discovery is maintained all along
  •  Teachers act in unobtrusive manner – motivation is through understanding the need for self development
  •  Children are allowed to grow in an orderly and positive way

How does Montessori Method of School Education Work?
One distinguishing feature that sets Montessori Method of education apart is the basis on which it is built – learning is at its best when performed by doing things practically. This child-centered system focuses on student-led processes and encourages learning among peers and seniors. Classes comprise children in different age groups.

Benefits of the Montessori Approach
Unlike other educational systems, the Montessori Method touches the lives of children even after their preschool age. By building a strong and stable foundation during the initial stages in the children’s lives, this approach ensures that students are enabled to retain the behaviors and skills learned here in their future. Mental development and social skills are honed, making them better persons as they grow up.

Following are certain exclusive benefits offered by Montessori Method of Education:

  •  Children are facilitated to develop coordination, order, focused attention, and independence
  •  Every child is individually valued as unique
  •  Students belong to a close and caring community
  •  Montessori approach provides self- assessment and self-correction as integral part
  •  Students have freedom within limits
  •  Students take active part in learning and seek knowledge

What makes Sharanalaya Montessori School Exclusive?
Sharanalaya understands the subtle needs of young learners and their individual capabilities. We ensure that everything in the learning process is designed in a way that is feasible to students. Our focus is not just teaching; we work toward enabling children to acquire knowledge while assuring that they develop the confidence and motivation to face the real-world challenges effectively.

All modern amenities are provided in our school for making learning a pleasant experience. For further details, you may visit our website https://www.sharanalayaschool.com

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