What is the need for a philosophy of Montessori

There are certain things which are highly important before framing the philosophy it should be analyzed and considered to be built in the manner which is the best for children.

At sharnalaya we take immense care for each and every child about all the things which are mentioned below


Each and every child hold something within them, something special and wonderful as it would be the key to form the nation tomorrow. Children when allowed to do things freely they are connected to everyone and all the things which are around them, they are taking care of one another naturally. The duty of the adults is to help them to be what they want to be. Children also help adults to show meaningful return in a way of living that is holistic.

Structure and Order:

Order plays a role that is very important in their lives. Order means remembering the place where each object is kept in relation to the environment around it. The child should be aware about this to feel secure and to build on experiences that exist. The order which is present in the surrounding will teach the child how things should be kept and it also makes them feel safe.

Sensitive periods:

The children have certain time to particularly sense about an activity or things. during this time the children shall learn the activity which she had a focus on an intense rate that is particular and these learning is very easily appeared. At times it was like a light shining on a specific activity which completely took away the attention of the child.

They study through senses:

The child also build experiences physically through their senses and that too by designing materials that are interesting which the child was inspired to do experiments, this understanding can also be extended. You can do it by isolating certain things which will be interesting for the child to explore. It is also a known fact that the children will love to play with the things that are beautiful


All children should be offered freedom since this allows the child to develop creative individuals and help them to react in a spontaneous way. Education should be an environment in which the child should be left free to go according to their natural impulses to come out as a wonderful dynamic and learners who are natural which they were designed to be.


The child should be left to work alone and build in concentration; this does not mean that the social development is not a need. Both the social and self is equally important. The child is capable of absorbing the world which moves on around them and they learn discipline and harmony from that.


The children have the capacity to guide sensitively rather than controlling the other person. It is always easy for kids to learn from other kids. So creating a social group among children is very important, we do this by creating group works, project for groups etc…

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