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What Does it Take to Become a Great Montessori Teacher ?

Teaching has been universally accepted as one of the noble professions on earth. Regardless of various changes that occur and whatever innovations are being achieved in the modern world, it is a unique dignity that teachers across the globe are bestowed with, upon discharging their responsibilities effectively. In the case of Montessori Method of education, it is more so – the system demands teachers to be learners as well!

Difference Between the Montessori Teacher and Their Traditional Counterparts

The profession of teaching involving working long hours and requiring an inclination toward moving around with students, one has to be passionate about guiding children. While every good teacher must be respected, it is not possible for everyone to become good Montessori teachers.

As the Montessori Method is based on one-to-one teaching and learning principles, it takes longer for every teacher to prepare themselves and guide children. Young children are frequently seen to be drawn toward specific things of interest; they are often vying for their teacher’s attention to understand things and quench their curiosity.

Here’s where Montessori teachers differ from traditional ones – traditional system is build on a common learning program for all the students in a classroom. Montessori schools, on the other hand, base their entire method on working in line with the individual child’s interests and levels of learning.

Qualities Expected of the Montessori Teacher

  •  Flexibility is key: Rather than sticking to stiff and rigid patterns focusing on the entire class, you need to be flexible – it may be sometimes necessary to set aside regular lessons and activities for a while in order to pacify or benefit a child who suffers from some grievance
  •  Failing is not a crime: Contrary to the wishes of many parents and children, committing mistakes and failing to get things right the first time are not signs of weakness – mistakes are normal – anything done to avoid such natural things might rob the children of their chances of falling, but getting up on their own
  •  Working with the right pace: Providing the lessons, guiding the children to grasp the essentials, and allowing them to learn in complete and practical ways may take time – as a Montessori teacher, you are often required to slow down and set your speed in line with the children’s
  •  Leave aside popular trends: Created and being successfully adopted by increasing number of schools and people, the Montessori system has its own strengths – one need not compare it with the other contemporary systems that are purely based on technology, and expect fast results

Montessori teachers are required to be patient and respectful; they have to observe and move with ease among children, and be prepared to explain things all the time!

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