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Unique Approach toward Learning the Montessori Way

There are different types of education systems in the modern world. While most of them follow the traditional methods, a few ones such as the Montessori Method follow an entirely unique approach that helps fostering children in the most practical and empathetic way.

The Need for Changed Teaching and Learning Methods In the school education system, providing uniform learning materials and academic courses for children of same age group has been the standard for several decades. In fact, until Dr. Maria Montessori conceptualized and created the unique Montessori Method, almost every school in the world was following traditional education system that was based more on teaching than on learning.

With the introduction of the Montessori Method of education, school education has started evolving regularly. The erstwhile text book-based, ‘one-size-fits-all’ type of school education gave way to this newer, innovative model of schooling that encouraged children to face hurdles and learn to come across them.

For boosting the growing children’s confidence level and enabling them to handle all the situations in real life with grace and skill, not only a change in academics was required but also a changed classroom environment became essential. This was made possible by adopting the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori.

What Makes Montessori Education System Unique?

Unlike traditional methods, Montessori education system is based on an exclusively learner-oriented approach. Here, teachers are no the focal points, but children are. This system ensures that a child is capable of meeting the real world challenges, adjusting and adapting to the environment, and growing out to be a respectful adult.

Contrary to what is being followed in traditional system of education, self-motivation and self-esteem are emphasized in the Montessori Method. Syllabus too, is not based on memorizing, but focuses on human development model that nurtures qualities and hones the child’s potentials. Children learn by working on materials rather than through mere reading and writing. Enhancing a child’s learning capability and ensuring that every child becomes a better citizen are key principles in the Montessori Method.

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