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The Significance Of Montessori Education

The education plays a very crucial role and creates a wide impact in a child’s future. Majority of Indian schools follow traditional system of education over a long period. Many parents desire to provide their children with an education that is highly constructive; concept oriented and opens a bright future for their children.

Montessori education fulfills the desires of the parents by catering to exact requirements necessary for a child’s development. This system is gaining popularity in Chennai with increasing number of parents enrolling their children in Montessori schools. This education provides feasible ways for creating a child as an independent, responsible and self confident human.

Montessori education is the scientific method of education based mainly on the physiology and psychology of the children.

It is proved as a successful one by play groups in ECR, Chennai which helps for gaining more benefits. Sharanalaya school offers this education at primary levels for children aged between 2.5 to 6 years. This is a child centered one and this system respects the innate drive in each child and guides them accordingly. The school is served by a team of well trained teachers who possess a deep knowledge about the Montessori concepts. Moreover, they also interact with the children in a friendly manner thereby motivating them towards a holistic development.

Sharanalaya provides a suitable environment that facilitates free movement and provided with safe, clean, hygiene, spacious work and play area. Children are free to move anywhere in the class room and work with whoever they want but with certain limitations. This system presents the children with successful foundation for healthy, physical, cognitive, behavioral, social, emotional and moral development.

They are free to work with older students so that they can acquire a wide range of knowledge and wisdom that opens their doors to a bright and successful future. The children can tune each one of their senses and become more aware and appreciative of various objects in their surroundings. The school offers different types of program pertaining to the essential needs of a child’s development. All details including admissions and programs can be known from online to choose a right one depending on the needs.

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