The Montessori Teacher’s Role in Enabling Children to Learn by Doing and Playing

There has been an awakening among people about the need for a shift toward encouraging children to learn through fun-filled and practical ways – Rote learning processes are being done away with!


How does the Montessori Teacher differ from a Traditional one?

The major factor that distinguishes a Montessori teacher from his or her traditional counterpart is the focus of the classroom. Montessori Method advocates for a student-centric classroom atmosphere unlike the traditional classroom in which the teacher is the center of focus.


Learning materials in other educational systems are pre-designed and are of the “one size fits all” nature, whereas in Montessori Education System, each child is provided with unique learning material that suits its age and individual learning capacity. Instead of expecting all the children to master a given common course curriculum, Montessori Method allows each individual child not only specific material according to its learning capability and interest but also lets it learn in its own pace.


Need for Effective Training Courses for the Montessori Teacher

Teachers in the Montessori Method of Education need to be trained for imparting education through fun and playing. Providing hands-on experience and encouraging children to learn by playing and doing are the crucial characteristics expected in them.


To be able to lead children toward reaching their full potential in areas such as emotional, cognitive, and social intelligence, teachers must first be made aware and trained appropriately. Such trained teachers are considered as foundation, upon which the Montessori Education System can be built.


Qualities of the Montessori Teacher at Sharanalaya School

Sharanalaya School, with its two prime divisions located in Chennai, provides an in-depth and unique training to aspiring teachers. The modern training program ensures that teaching talents are identified and potential teachers are developed to function skillfully as role models and demonstrators who are capable of monitoring and fostering growth of children.


Montessori teachers motivate their students and kindle their interests so that children enjoy their learning process and develop a curiosity in learning. Children must have delight in learning newer skills and they need to be encouraged to have an inquisitive mind. These are made possible by trained teachers!

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