Student Speech in Sharanalaya Montessori School

The Innate Qualities of Montessori Education

To be able to achieve Dr. Maria Montessori’s principle of using education for rendering assistance to mankind in its course of fundamental development in accordance with the laws that govern development, certain special preparations are required. Such special qualities distinguish the Montessori Method of education from other educational systems.


Essential Qualities of the Montessori Method

·         Learning Environment: Montessori education follows a unique pattern that is child-centered, prepared, responsive, and adaptive. It ensures enhancing children’s individual competence

·      Learning Relationships in Montessori Method: Grouping children from different age groups, enabling children to set up a community for learning, and establishing collaboration and cooperation among children are certain exclusive Montessori principles

·         Learning Activity in the Montessori Method: 

          The following distinctive features are seen in the Montessori Schools:

§  Self-directed learning

§  Spontaneous activity

§  Hands-on experience with learning materials

§  Freedom within limits

§  Learning methods that are active

§  Intrinsic motivation

·         Role of the teacher in Montessori Method: The Montessori teacher takes up the role of a model, observer, guide, and consultant who the children could turn to at any time

·       Functions of the Montessori teacher: Preparing the environment for children, partnering with parents in the development of children, and engaging learners with due respects are the primary functions of the Montessori teacher

The Montessori Method of Education follows the ‘interfere only when asked’ and ‘scientific observation of children’ path in order to enable children grow and develop into mature adults having compassion and empathy, while fostering them to become confident and inquisitive.

Independence is encouraged in all areas of learning; this helps in developing self-confidence and self-respect. Teachers are trained and expected to understand the child’s mind-set, when it shows interest and when it gets tired. Motivating and guiding from the front are a few of the exclusive principles of teachers in the Montessori Method of Education.

Sharanalaya School believes in identifying and nurturing the unique potential inherent in every child; the children’s inner drive to learn and develop is supported by our exclusively prepared learning environment.

Our teachers take the role of facilitators who guide children in accordance with their interests and capabilities.

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