Parents Learning Program


The first time we entered Sharanalaya was for getting application form for our first child. The very first impression is still the best one. Children were busy with their ‘work’ and were oblivious to who was coming in or going out. Even now when I ask my second child what she does in school she says ‘ I sing, I work’. As supposed to what we did in school ‘studying’, children in Sharanalaya ‘work’ and learn in the process! In fact till this day, both my children are more eager to go to school rather than stay back at home and watch television!

Montessori adults in Sharanalaya aka ‘Aunties’ are more child-centric. They take care of both the emotional & physical well-being of the children in Sharanalaya. The child would have just got scratched while playing with her friends the previous evening! But the very first thing they ask when you drop your child would be ‘How is the child?’ Each child gets the attention that he or she needs. Children bond well with all the adults right from akka’s to Manju aunty.

When children who are of the same age of my child are sulking to go through the books to prepare for the exams, my child enjoys reading her text books as if they were story books! Thanks to Montessori environment, reading both textbooks as well as story books has become a much sought after activity to my child! Annual day program is fun not only for the parents but also for the children. Children enjoy being part of the program.

Aunties will be so concerned in spite of the long practice routines that they will dutifully come and say ‘Please do not feel bad or scold the child, if she does not perform on the annual day!’ They are more bothered about the emotional well-being of the child. For them the annual day program is another experience in the life of the child!

Sharanalaya is an inclusive environment. All the children are treated with the same love and concern. Children learn to treat everyone with equal respect! During an observation I noticed a parent losing her cool where as the adult in the environment was showing concern without going off board.

Adults in Sharanalaya treat parents like a King. Parents share a good rapport with not only the adults of their child’s environment but also with every adult in Sharanalaya.


Mrs. Priya Russell

Mother of Anata (elementary environment ) Anika ( Primary environment )

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