Teaching Social Skills to Children the Montessori Way

The Montessori Method fosters independence through children’s individual participation and work. While children below the age of six are allowed to choose to work and spend time by themselves, a great importance is being placed on developing strong social skills in the Montessori Method.

The Exclusive Way of Working in the Montessori Method According to Dr. Maria Montessori, each child learns according to the natural, inherent developmental stages. In the age group below six, children tend to prefer working individually. They may be working next to one another, they may be observing and learning from others, but they are at their best in focusing and learning on their own. Upon growing older, the child’s interest to learn in collaborative manner develops too. Such natural inclinations of the children are respected by the Montessori Method. Children are allowed to work in groups and they also help one another.

Learning Social Skills in the Montessori Method Montessori schools make it a point to teach growing children to be polite, respectful, and courteous in line with their local culture. Children are taught to express gratitude and exchange greetings. They are taught to practice things such as saying ‘thank you’ and ‘please’, and make eye contact during conversations. By being treated with respect and taught to respect peers and adults, teachers and parents, and their environment, children learn to behave considerately with others.

Montessori students are guided to interact with others with respect, behave in a polite way, and work and move together in their community. This strengthens their social ties and ensures that they are well-behaved and skilled to handle future challenges in the society. Problem solving skills are ingrained in them, enabling them to develop the natural instincts to meet potential issues at a later stage in their life.

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We provide secure and efficient transportation system for our students. An inclusive environment is provided that enables teachers and children to enjoy schooling.

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