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Self-Discipline is the Emphasis Rather Than Obedience in Montessori Method

Teachers associated with the Montessori Method of education help children in their learning journey, with emphasis on self-discipline. Self discipline is achieved when a child is able to make independent choices about good behavior without the need for prompting from adults. Obedience is Different From Being Self-Disciplined Although outwardly appearing to be similar, being obedient

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Learning Materials in the Montessori Environment

To be able to meet the learning needs of children, Montessori teachers have to make efforts and spend time on carefully preparing the essential learning materials – with children having varied levels of understanding and different capabilities in a single classroom, it is the responsibility of the Montessori teacher to see that children belonging to

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How to Shape the Efficient and Empathetic Montessori Teacher

According to the principles of Maria Montessori, a teacher needs to be free of all preconceived notions about children’s level of learning and their nature – the teacher has to look out for ways to enrich students’ knowledge and make them concentrate on learning by doing   What is Special about Training Teachers in Montessori

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