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Steps to find the best school for Montessori

Once if you decide that you kid is ready for Montessori school, it is highly time to find a good school. It is always good to start you search earlier. People who live in big families usually book the Montessori school right at the time when the child is born. This is the truth which

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Learning Montessori education to shape the skills

Montessori in Chennai Montessori aims in developing person’s mental ability. It is a prepared method of learning. This idea was developed by Maria Montessori from Italy. It was a combination of mother Maria and her son Mario; they travelled to Chennai 1940’s and started this in Chennai. Initially the study period was three months called

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Honing the Talents of Children With Montessori Education

Parents should focus on shaping the talents of children in their early age to improve efficiency levels while performing important tasks. Research scholars say that educating a child in the preschools will make him/her to become a successful person. Montessori education is now becoming a familiar one in different parts of the world including India

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Learning Lessons With Unique Approaches

Various types of education systems prevail at school level in India. But, a majority of them are based mainly on memorization and are preferred by majority of the people. But, today this trend is changing due to the awareness created by the establishment of Montessori education in India. Many parents have realized the importance of

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The Significance of Montessori Education System

Most children want to learn more things from surroundings to improve their knowledge and wisdom. Parents should focus on nurturing their skills when they grow up. This will be helpful for ensuring them a bright future. Montessori education system plays a key role in shaping the natural talents of a child to reach high levels

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