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Rewards of Montessori Education as Shown by Research

Know About Montessori Method of Education

It has been proven scientifically that a schooling methodology focusing on individual development instead of evaluation by examinations is capable of producing better, wise, ingenious, and socially skilled children. Scientists and psychologists are unanimous that considering a range of capabilities, children taking Montessori education surpassed those who take up conventional education.

Pupils aged 5, educated with Montessori Method, were better at math and reading, while those aged 12 were significantly supreme in writing creative essays and they used intricate ways to form sentences. The major differences have been identified in behavior and social skills. Children under the Montessori stream related to others with positive emotions, exhibited a sense of fairness and justice, and tended to be less involved in rough behavior during break periods.

Invented more than a century ago by the first female Physician of Italy, Dr. Maria Montessori, this schooling system aimed primarily at educating Italy’s poor children. Today, there are innumerable Montessori schools across the world, carrying on her legacy, offering unlimited advantages to children in their budding years.

How Montessori Education System Differs from Traditional Systems

  • Montessori Method discourages conventional competitive assessment of accomplishment, such as tests and grades, and rather prioritizes personal development and progress of every child.
  • Children belonging to various age groups share same classes; they need to interact and help one another.
  • Emphasizing practical skills of life, children are provided with educational materials that keep them engaged and interested
  • Education is imparted first through senses, then through reading and writing – hands-on experience is encouraged in learning things
  • Natural maturity of a child’s personality is assisted in a nurturing environment

How Montessori Method Works

Being chosen and treated in a uniform manner, each Montessori child is given equal opportunity to learn things on its own pace with no pressure or compulsion. The practical life-oriented course curriculum is offered to pupils in the most natural way within a nourishing atmosphere.

For the purpose of research, children in an age range of three to twelve at a Montessori school were selected. Children were assessed for behavioral and social skills, academic capabilities, and emotional intelligence. Their performance was compared with children belonging to other schools of traditional system located in the same region. The study has revealed that Montessori School children had considerable advantages over their peers in the said assessments for both the selected age groups.

Children educated under Montessori Method are good at solving complex problems and are better adaptive to changes, showing that they are sure to succeed in future in school as well as life. They reflected positive responses when faced with difficult social situations. They handled unpleasant circumstances smoothly. They have demonstrated greater propensity toward community and social welfare.

In an overall analysis, it has been clearly proven that Montessori style of education is superior to other types in fostering social as well as academic skills in children.

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