Preparing the Learning Materials for Montessori Method of Education

It is essential that learning materials in Montessori environment are created using beautiful objects of varying and attracting texture. Most of these will be made of smooth, polished wood while others are created with fabric, enameled metal, and wicker. Things from nature such as sea shells are also used in the Montessori classroom.

Teaching Concepts or Skills Using Materials

It must be possible to enable children learn practical skills and concepts one at a time, using the learning materials in Montessori Method. Materials must be prepared in such as way that they offer multiple levels of challenge to the children. These may be used in a repeated manner at the different levels of development of the child. These materials use real actions and objects for translating abstract ideas into solid form. Materials are designed with a view to allow children work on their own with the least intervention or help.

Activity-Oriented Materials

Montessori Method is based on movement – Dr. Maria Montessori strongly advocated that movement and learning are quite inseparable. It is through involving his or her entire body and making use of all the senses that a child learns things. Similar to learning through looking, listening, touching, tasting, and smelling, the child needs to move the body in order to learn. For achieving this, the learning materials need to invite activity.

Materials that Are Appropriate to the Age of Children

Montessori materials are designed to suit the students throughout their learning period. They are prepared and presented to greet the children with a familiar face in the new classrooms. According to the age and development level, materials need to be upgraded while retaining the familiarity.

Exploration and Discovery are Encouraged

Children are allowed to explore on their own and discover new facts independently. The tools necessary for discovering answers to their own queries and questions are handed over to children at every age. Materials must act as tools for growth and development and the teacher must be children’s trusted ally.

Sharanalaya Montessori School enables children to learn through first hand information and practice. Responsible learning that promotes responsibility and offers possibility of discovery is our primary objective. Visit for further details.

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