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Parental Engagement and Its Impact at Sharanalaya Montessori School, Sholinganallur

By Manju Venkat / Last Updated : November 29, 2023

Parental Engagement and Its Impact at Sharanalaya


When it comes to selecting schools in Sholinganallur, parents often look for institutions that not only provide excellent education but also foster a strong community spirit. Sharanalaya Montessori School stands out in this regard, emphasizing the crucial role of parental engagement in the educational journey of children. This blog explores how Sharanalaya Montessori School integrates parents into the educational process and the positive impacts this has on the school community.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of Parental Engagement in Education
  3. Sharanalaya: A Beacon for Parental Involvement
  4. Facilities and Offerings at Sharanalaya Montessori School
  5. The Benefits of Parental Engagement at Sharanalaya
  6. Summary Table
  7. Conclusion

The Importance of Parental Engagement in Education

Parental engagement is a key factor in a child’s academic success. Studies have consistently shown that when parents are actively involved in their child’s education, the child is more likely to achieve higher academic performance, have better social skills, and exhibit a positive attitude towards learning. Schools in Sholinganallur, particularly Sharanalaya Montessori School, have recognized this and are making concerted efforts to involve parents in various aspects of school life.

Parental engagement can take many forms including attending school events, communicating with teachers regularly, assisting with homework, and volunteering at the school. Research indicates that students display greater engagement, effort, concentration, and enjoyment of school when their parents are involved. They also tend to have better attendance records and are less likely to exhibit problematic behaviors.

By fostering collaborative relationships between families and schools, parental engagement facilitates open communication and information sharing. This allows parents to better support their children’s learning needs at home while enabling teachers to gain deeper insights into each student for more customized instruction. Ultimately, active parental participation signals to children that their education is valued both at school and home.

Sharanalaya: A Beacon for Parental Involvement

Sharanalaya Montessori School, nestled in the heart of Sholinganallur, is a prime example of how schools can effectively engage parents in the educational process. The school encourages parental involvement in several ways, from classroom activities to decision-making processes. This inclusive approach not only enriches the learning experience for students but also creates a supportive and collaborative community.

The leadership team and staff at Sharanalaya deeply understand the benefits of parental engagement and have made it a cornerstone of their educational approach. Parents are invited to actively participate in special events, extracurricular activities, fundraising initiatives, and more. Volunteer opportunities allow parents to lend their skills and talents to enrich various aspects of school life.

Clear policies outline expectations for parental involvement while surveys and feedback channels enable the school to continually improve engagement strategies. Regular communication through multiple platforms keeps parents apprised of school news, updates, programs, and their own children’s progress. Rather than being passive participants, parents become valued partners at Sharanalaya Montessori School.

Facilities and Offerings at Sharanalaya Montessori School

Sharanalaya Montessori School is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that cater to the holistic development of children. The school boasts well-equipped classrooms, a library rich in resources, and spaces for extracurricular activities. Moreover, the school organizes workshops and seminars for parents, providing them with tools and knowledge to support their children’s education at home and at school.

The thoughtfully designed classrooms balance collaboration and individual focus with a mix of seating options, learning stations, and presentation spaces. A vibrant, print-rich environment nurtures literacy skills while the latest technology tools foster digital capabilities and hands-on learning. Teachers leverage a diverse set of manipulatives, visuals, books, games, and more to deliver the Montessori curriculum.

Students also enjoy dedicated rooms for arts, music, dance, sports, and other special subjects that allow specialized instruction. Multiple outdoor areas offer space for free play, team sports, and interaction with nature. From toddlers to middle schoolers, children are immersed in engaging, developmentally appropriate environments.

For parents, the school hosts informative sessions on topics like parenting techniques, supporting different learning needs, and managing specific issues like anxiety. Counselors are available for individual consultations while social events build camaraderie among families. A parent-teacher organization channels volunteer efforts and input into school enhancement.

The Benefits of Parental Engagement at Sharanalaya

The impact of parental engagement at Sharanalaya Montessori School is multifaceted:

Enhanced Academic Performance: Students whose parents are involved in their education tend to perform better academically. Research indicates that active parental participation in schooling can account for 10-15% higher test scores and grade point averages. Sharanalaya students likely benefit from this academic boost owing to the school’s stellar parental engagement.

When parents engage with teachers and academic activities, they gain awareness into curriculum, goals, methodologies, and best practices for reinforcement at home. Consequently, students receive aligned support for skill development both in school and during home study. Parents can also provide social-emotional encouragement, model diligent work habits, and inspire love for learning.

Improved Communication: Regular interaction between parents and teachers leads to better understanding and communication regarding a child’s progress and needs. As trusted partners in education, parents and teachers at Sharanalaya Montessori School sustain open, two-way dialogue. This paves the way for student success by enabling coordinated efforts tailored to each child’s strengths and growth areas.

Teachers share ongoing informal feedback and scheduled progress reports to keep parents updated. Parents inform teachers about relevant issues impacting a student’s development like major family events. Clear procedures facilitate prompt resolution for any concerns. This close cooperation ensures students receive necessary academic and socio-emotional support.

Community Building: Parental involvement fosters a sense of community, making schools in Sholinganallur, like Sharanalaya, more than just educational institutions. When parents actively participate in their children’s schooling, bonds strengthen not only between families and staff but also across school families. A spirit of unity propels the school towards collective goals.

Sharanalaya Montessori School enjoys an exceptionally strong sense of community thanks to dedicated engagement initiatives. From lively cultural events to service projects, families come together for meaningful experiences that reinforce shared values. Students feel secure surrounded by supportive connections between the school ecosystem and their personal support networks.

Positive Role Modeling: Children see their parents as role models. Active parental involvement in their education reinforces the value of learning. When students witness their parents collaborating with school staff, volunteering on campus, attending school functions, and prioritizing education at home, they internalize these behaviors.

Young learners at Sharanalaya Montessori School benefit tremendously from parental modeling. Observing family members enthusiastically participate in school activities influences students to mirror these scholarly habits. They grasp how their parents prize education and consequently strive to match such high standards themselves.


Educational Landscape in Sholinganallur
Aspect Description
Parental Engagement Integral to student success; encouraged in various school activities.
Facilities State-of-the-art classrooms, resource-rich library, extracurricular spaces.
Benefits Enhanced academic performance, improved communication, strong community, positive role modeling.

Conclusion: The Path to Montessori Excellence

Parental engagement is a cornerstone of the educational philosophy at Sharanalaya Montessori School in Sholinganallur. The school’s commitment to involving parents in the educational process not only benefits the students but also strengthens the entire school community. As parents in Sholinganallur evaluate schools for their children, understanding the importance of this engagement is crucial.

For parents seeking comprehensive insights into selecting the best schools in Sholinganallur, our blog, ‘Guide to Choosing the Best School in Sholinganallur: What Parents Need to Know’, offers valuable guidance. This guide will further explore the educational landscape of Sholinganallur, helping you make an informed decision for your child’s future.

We hope this guide assists you in understanding the pivotal role of parental engagement in education, especially at Sharanalaya Montessori School. For more insights into holistic education in Sholinganallur and information about admissions for the academic year 2024-2025, please visit our website.

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