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Montessori Method Encourages Parents to Focus on Children’s Strengths

With their unlimited enthusiasm on getting their wards to become great performers at school, in several instances, parents tend to look at the children’s weaknesses rather than identify their strengths. It is common thing in the competition-filled educational domain for parents to focus on children’s faults – it is out of their desire to be good. But according to Montessori approach, focus must be more pronounced on the strengths of our children.

Need for Shifting Focus From Weakness to Strength
By paying attention to a child’s strength and boosting it rather than focusing on the negative side, the child is enabled to develop greater optimism and resilience, thus ending up achieving success. It is scientifically proven that strength-based parenting plays a vital role in shaping your child’s future.

Research has shown clearly that while this attitude helps children in reaching their full potential and yields the best well-being, it also creates a positive and more trusting bond between the child and the parent.

How Parents’ Focus Impacts Children
Studies have ensured that by focusing on children’s positive features, parents facilitate them to develop greater self-awareness, confidence, and a more positive self-image. Regular acknowledgement of a child’s positive side encourages it to improve those qualities and skills. Recognition of its virtues and good qualities provides inner confidence that leads to further pursuit of such attributes and their development.

Positive reinforcement is always helpful in improving children’s problem-solving skills. Through positive reinforcement of their strengths, children tend to increase optimism, academic ability, self-control and social engagement.
While focusing on your child’s weak spots and flaws might at the most eliminate its weakness, by shifting your focus toward the child’s strength, you are working toward making them become the best.

Sharanalaya School embraces Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy in order to develop the children in a natural way and with a positive attitude. We ensure that children are allowed to create a positive mindset through constructive classroom setting and positive reinforcement.

Identifying and developing children’s strength in a nurturing and loving manner is our aim. Log on to for more details.

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