Montessori Environment Educates the Whole Child

The focus in Montessori Method of education is on educating the whole child. This is one of the major differences between Montessori Method and the mainstream traditional education.

How Does Montessori Method Achieve Educating the Whole Child?

According to Dr. Maria Montessori, it is essential to arouse interest that engages the child’s whole personality. Education, when it emphasizes more on imparting intellectual values than on fact accumulation, will prove to be very effective in the development of children.

Montessori Method ensures that all qualities of a child – physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual – are addressed in order to have a peaceful and empathetic society. This way, it enables children to develop the skills that are required for leading a productive and fulfilling life.

Education is not Compartmentalization of Knowledge in Montessori Method

Rather than emphasizing on rote memorization, Montessori Method guides the child to explore how and why things are the way they are. The purpose behind learning is shown to the child; whole child education appeals to the natural curiosity and keeps the child engaged.

By taking the child out into the community, science and social studies can be practically explored – this makes the child to practically experience the content. It adds value as well. The simple act of planting a garden kindles the child’s botanical and nutritional knowledge.

The Body and Mind Connection in Montessori Education

Learning is performed through movements. All the senses are activated by learning. Learning creates pathways in the brain of the growing children. It is purposeful movement and not idle sitting that stimulates the mind of children. Emotional well-being of a child is key in the learning process.

The human mind will discover truth through inquiry, argument, and discussion only. Freedom, when offered in education, helps educating and developing the soul and mind.

By focusing on a child as a complete human being and not as an infant that just needs to be programmed, Montessori Education respects and understands the intrinsic knowledge and talents in the children. It is imperative that children are encouraged and never dictated. Value must be placed on efforts, rather than on the outcomes.

Instead of preparing the child for a job in future, it is essential that education helps children to attain self knowledge, an inquisitive mind, the ability to distinguish right and wrong, and interpersonal skills.

Sharanalaya Montessori School has been following a holistic approach that educates children to become compassionate human beings and responsible citizens.

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