Managing Infants the Montessori way during their early years

Montessori Method of education aims at developing infants into adults in the most practical and spontaneous manner – growing up along with nature while learning to respect the nature are the focus here!

Learning Movement the natural way

It is well-known fact that young children spend most of their time on the floor. The more a child is allowed to move about freely on its tummy, the better for its physical and mental health. Research has proven that carrying or holding babies for long increases the chance of lowering their IQ.

Montessori Method of teaching toddlers and infants is based on children’s bodily movement. Movement lets them explore with their body parts, namely, mouth, hands, ears, and eyes. Movement is the natural law of a child’s life, educating it with numerous new things.

Taking effort and achieving newer things

In the Montessori environment, children are facilitated to learn coordination of movement, develop distinct sensory ideas, and perform various other functions through their simple movements and hands-on activities. When children turn two and half years of age, they tend to show the maximum effort for achieving things. It is during this period that they develop skills of walking and carrying things simultaneously.

Montessori System of education aims at providing a comfortable and encouraging environment during this period, thus enabling them to make maximum use of their potential and put in their optimal efforts for learning to do things naturally.

Accomplishing language skills

The period of acquiring oral language and the capability to reproduce various sounds involved with the language is crucial in an infant’s life. While the neurological wiring for recognizing and producing sounds of speech is being established in a child’s first year, the child is capable of listening and formulating sounds of speech in different languages.

How Montessori Method Helps Infants to Learn

Children during their infant stage learn by crawling and creeping, pushing and pulling, biting and grasping. They explore their surroundings through such activities that keep them interactive and engaged.

Montessori Method of education ensures that the child’s environment is safe while promoting its movement. Nothing that could injure a child is allowed; the floor needs to be made comfortable. It should promote crawling, wiggling, and walking.

Sharanalaya Montessori School, located in two different places in Chennai, offers conducive environment that fosters the learning and growth of infants in the most natural and practical way.

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