Managing Children’s Challenging Behaviors the Montessori Way

In Dr. Maria Montessori’s words, “misbehaviors of children are merely their reactions to an inadequate environment.” It takes efforts to help children through challenging behavior.

Challenging Behavior Among Children and How Montessori Method Handles it

From birth till age three – that’s when children begin developing self control. And it is during this period that challenging behavior shows up the most too. In the process of developing self-regulation, children tend to create some challenging moments. In regulating themselves while being upset, this tendency is common. It is in responding properly to such behaviors as defiance, aggression, and crying, that adults need to support children.

Montessori Method of education is based on the fact that when a child is encouraged by interesting and pleasant activities that keep him or her engaged, it leads to discipline and calmness. Such children are supposed to attain good health and joy as well.

Causes for Challenging Behavior

Inappropriate behavior among children is mostly the result of a lack of proper communication skill. As the child is unable to convey what the matter is in reality, he or she acts out the situation.

The root cause for such behavior is often the need to satisfy a particular sensory need or to get away from attention. An active learning environment is the solution for most of these issues. The learning process becoming engaging and enjoyable, the child is free to move around and work in order to satisfy his or her internal needs.

Challenging behaviors may be the result of fundamental biology or complex relationships. Parents and teachers need to understand what children try to convey through their behavior. It is necessary that they are aware of how children learn from relationships and how such learning impacts them. Moreover, they are supposed to know the role of individual characteristics such as temperament in children’s life. Infants develop anxiety and get fearful when in the proximity of strangers or when they have to leave their parents even in the familiar child care setting.

Sharanalaya School follows Montessori Method of education in its true form. Our trained teachers are capable of understanding what children are experiencing and what their perspectives are.

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