Learning Environment and Materials in Montessori Method

Montessori environment is prepared in such as way that the children are beckoned to participate. The materials used are carefully chosen; they invite the children to feel, work, and enjoy learning. A totally encouraging environment that is free of stress-causing factors is the speciality here.

Montessori Method of Learning – from Birth to Age Six

Children get direct contact with environment for the first time before the age of six. They are offered the possibility to learn from this using the means of all of their senses and movement. It is during these years that a child takes in all that is in the environment. Materials and toys used during these formative years must be of really very good quality so as to provide the child self-respect, enabling it to appreciate beauty.

The Development of Children from Age Six to Age Twelve

The age 6 to 12 is the period of imagination in children. Trained and groomed to create new things such as models and charts, allowed to use books, maps, and introduced to timelines and plays, the children in this age group are guided and allowed to be creative. The environment and materials used during this particular period need to be prepared in such a way that children’s choice is respected and their interests are followed.

After Age Twelve

Children’s education changes to being more traditional after age twelve. Books and computers are extensively used; the children may be allowed to do social work and are required to be apprenticing during this period in life.

Montessori Method of education requires that during any given age, it must be ensured that the environment and materials used introduce the children to various lessons in all the areas and different kinds of experiences. Care must be taken to ensure that during the adult stage, learners are introduced to all areas and not be restricted only to their areas of interest.

Sharanalaya Montessori School has been following the pure Montessori Method of education that kindles the interest in children and leads them to learn by offering varied options and freedom of selection.

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