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Learning About the Method is Essential for the Montessori Teacher

According to the Montessori Method, teachers are expected to have faith that children will reveal themselves through their work. The teacher has to refrain from pre-conceived notions about the capabilities of children. Having faith that children will show their true nature when they find attractive piece of work, teachers must learn to observe children and guide them according to their personal level of passion and ability.

How Does the Montessori Teacher Differ From Traditional Teachers?
One notable difference between traditional teachers and Montessori teachers is the huge trust placed by Montessori teachers in children’s developmental abilities. Following the children in entirety demands a tremendous amount of faith. Rather than leading everyone in a single file, the Montessori teacher, by careful planning and scientific observation, keeps track of each child’s progress and works on helping them to succeed in their own way.

The Significance of Learning More It is the responsibility of the Montessori teacher to work as a facilitator and guide. This involves creating a well-prepare environment and an atmosphere that is conducive and encourages inquisitiveness and learning. Teachers, by learning the ways of monitoring children closely, and interfering only when needed, will be able to allow growing children to make their own discoveries and arrive at their own decisions and inferences. 

Being the scientific observers, Montessori teachers never resort to punishments or rewards; they will not criticize children or intervene in a child’s activity. A child’s personality gets to grow only in a trusted and cooperative atmosphere.

Role of Montessori Teachers

  •  Teachers act as the dynamic link between the prepared environment and the children
  •  Teachers protect and respect children’s independence
  • The environment is constantly modified- teachers must continuously experiment and meet every child’s interests and needs
  •  Systematic observation of children and interpretation of their needs is an essential part of teachers’ responsibility
  •  They have to present clear, relevant, and interesting lessons to children

Sharanalaya School provides a clean and safe environment that has been thoughtfully designed. Following Montessori Methodology in its entirety, we ensure that children learn to respect one another and nature in the process of their development. 

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