Key Differentiators in Montessori Method of Education

Education is the fundamental factor that has a great influence on the personal development of individuals. Optimizing preschool education is vital from the developmental and economic standpoints. Here’s where providing a solid base that enables children to further their knowledge in a smooth and effective way comes into play.

Overall Differences Between the Montessori Method of Education and its Traditional Counterparts

  • Rate of Growth
      Analyses prove that Montessori children display a significantly steeper growth rate when it comes to the development of mind across the preschool years – it has been seen that cognition develops rapidly in children who attend Montessori schools
  • Achievement in Academics
      Despite starting equally with their traditional school peers, the Montessori group advances at comparatively higher rate over the years
  • Skills in Solving Social Problems
      With their practical way of learning things, Montessori children demonstrate better social problem solving skills
  • Mastery Orientation
      Montessori school children demonstrate the attitude of taking an increased effort toward understanding things and competing at any given task – they tend to exert maximum possible efforts
  • Executive Function
      Motivation to follow their individual passion enables the Montessori school children to develop the mental skills required for getting things done smoothly
  • School Enjoyment
      One exceptional characteristic of the Montessori Method of education is that it develops a more positive attitude among children toward school-related activities – this ensures that children are not forced to achieve things at the expense of enjoyment that is common in their age
  • Creativity
     Driven by the spontaneous development offered by the Montessori environment, children in Montessori schools naturally have increased creativity and passion toward testing unchartered territory

Sharanalaya School has been following the Montessori principles for nurturing children into mature and compassionate adults. We are offering the ICSE stream that enables children to acquire not only practical learning skills but also a thorough knowledge of concepts. 

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