Key Concepts of Montessori Method of Education

In Montessori schools, children’s experience is the focus of teaching. Self-directed activities are guided by teachers who take up the role of monitoring rather than leading. The observant teacher and the practically learning child is the common sight in a Montessori classroom. With the environment specially designed and adapted to the growth of children, the Montessori Education System follows a different set of principles.

Different Approach Followed in Montessori Schools Unlike traditional schools that place their emphasis on watching, listening, and reading to learn, Montessori Method enables children to learn through their five senses. Children’s personal tastes and interests are respected here; they are allowed to learn at their own pace with their individual style. Differing from the model of teaching common syllabus to all children in a particular age group—as followed in traditional schools—Montessori Education System follows individualized model of teaching and learning.

Common Montessori Concepts:

  •  The Montessori Method is based on the principle that children are to be treated with respect so that they can develop into adults capable of making the world a better place for living.
  •  Children have their own sensitive periods. If clearly understood and effectively used, these sensitive periods will provide a lot of benefits to them for learning. The heightened period of attention must be capitalized on.
  •  Montessori Method doesn’t follow performance evaluation using letters or numbers.
  •  Children are allowed to direct their own learning while the teacher plays the role of an observer and provides children more material that they are interested in.
  •  Children are allowed to have a say in what they want to learn – they are offered a self-directed way of learning.
  •  There are no rewards or punishments. The teacher keeps record of each child by observing, progress of individual child is tracked on the basis of teachers’ observation and their records.
  •  Children below the age of six do not require academics. They get the exposure to knowledge suited to their age.

Sharanalaya School follows the core Montessori principles such as individual liberty, prepared environment, and observation. We provide children with a lot of activities that are developmentally appropriate to them. 

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