Increasing the Skills of Children With Montessori

Education plays an important role in shaping an individual’s career. Different types of education pattern is followed throughout India, but a majority of them are mere theoretical and does not cater to the practical aspects in life. Montessori education is creating awareness among the parents by providing ways for creating the child as an independent, responsible and a self confident human. In this pattern, the children are exposed to life around them in a practical manner and they are not limited to theoretical and bookish knowledge. Montessori education is gradually gaining importance among the parents and some Montessori schools are following it in and around Chennai city.

A renowned school in Chennai that offers this education in a very effective manner is Sharanalaya play school. The school provides more perfect ways to begin a child’s learning experience. This school is provided with a high quality environment that meets the children’s exact development needs. The class rooms are highly ventilated, spacious, sufficiently aerated for soothing the young energetic minds of the children. Montessori education program in this school inspires a passion for excellence in children to nurture their curiosity, creativity and imagination. It is a child centered learning and mainly focuses on the key developmental stages of a child.

Montessori education strongly insists self discipline in children thereby refining important skills like concentration, self control and motivation. Well trained staff and teachers pay individual attention to each child by motivating their efforts in learning things easily. The children can experience learning with freedom of choices and they can enjoy their freedom with certain limits. Now, this system has seen a huge revolution with many parents seeking admissions to Montessori schools for their children. Sharanalaya offer this education to children between the age group of 2.5 and 6 years at primary levels. Before seeking admissions, the parents can make a visit to the school and observe classes to make a right decision.

The Montessori admission in Chennai will commence from June, September and December by admitting children above 2.5 years. For children in class 1 upwards, the admission begins at June. After the submission of application forms, some schools offer interactive session with the parents so that they can have an insight in to this education system. In this education, the children are made to get in touch with each one of their senses, talents and emotions and they discover themselves thereby exploring the world around them. Old students mentor the new comers thus providing a new learning experience for acquiring more knowledge and wisdom.

Excellent environment in Sharanalaya provides methods for preparing children for a challenging world to manage difficult situations in life. Montessori education gives ways for estimating the skills of children to a greater extent. Moreover, it plays a key role in making children to understand their responsibilities in the society. Information about the admissions and syllabus can be gathered from online to choose them depending on the requirements. Individual attention is also given to students in this school while learning the lessons.

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