How to Shape the Efficient and Empathetic Montessori Teacher

According to the principles of Maria Montessori, a teacher needs to be free of all preconceived notions about children’s level of learning and their nature – the teacher has to look out for ways to enrich students’ knowledge and make them concentrate on learning by doing

What is Special about Training Teachers in Montessori Method?

One vital difference between Traditional teaching and Montessori Method of teaching is that in the latter, teachers place an enormous trust on the students and their developmental abilities. When it comes to faithfully following the children, teachers need to be specially trained and certain exclusive qualities have to be imparted in them. Training Montessori teachers requires careful planning and observation.

Entrusted with the responsibility of staying alert constantly about how each child is headed and unrelentingly working toward guiding them to succeed, the role of Montessori teachers takes responsibility of leading the students to become matured adults.

Sharanalaya Teacher Training Initiative

Sharanalaya Teacher Development Initiative program aims at training and coaching potential teachers to efficiently meet the various interests and needs of Montessori students. As aspiring Montessori teachers, you will be instilled with qualities of remaining behind the scene and yet impart the essential virtues in the students and nurture them in the practical and most effective way possible. Focus is on students’ learning process and not on the teaching process of teachers.

The 6-month training program helps create a well-formulated Montessori atmosphere and an environment that suits to motivate children in being inquisitive and learning things in the most practical and hands-on manner. The program is designed in such a way that children may be guided to learn at their own pace, discovering facts and drawing their own inferences. You, as a Montessori teacher, will be empowered to fire their curiosity and quest, leverage contemporary methods and processes to keep them actively engaged in the learning activities, and move on to the next level.

The Exclusive Montessori Teacher Training Process

Unlike in traditional teaching methodology that has fixed curriculum which tries to follow ‘single fit for all’ mode, Montessori Method of education and teaching involves considering each single child as a separate individual and the teacher here needs to prepare every child’s individual lessons exclusively every day.

Montessori Teachers Training enables the potential teachers to be sensitive to the children’s interests, ambitions, their capability, progress, attitude, and behavior pattern. Sharanalaya Teacher Development Initiative aims at enabling teachers to scientifically monitor children and reinforce positive output with appreciation rather than by punishing negative behavior with retribution.

Our teacher training program enables potential teachers to become custodian of the environment and take care of the students in entirety. To be a dignified and reliable teacher in the Montessori Method of education system, you are welcome to attend our exclusive 6-month training program!

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