How to Become an Efficient Montessori Teacher

The Montessori Method of Education Scenario

The need for an education system capable of inculcating values, ethics, and practical skills in children has been recognized the world over. With time becoming an increasingly precious commodity, more number of people realize that their wards need to be trained to learn not just academics but social responsibilities and coexistence as well. Montessori Teacher Training Program helps aspiring teachers to get the nuances of Montessori Method of imparting and sharing knowledge.

Rise in Need for Montessori-trained Teachers

Around the world, there has been an increase in the propensity to enroll in Montessori schools. The number of Montessori schools, subsequently, is seen to be increasing as well. With most people living life full of hectic activities in the modern age fully understanding the importance of Montessori Method as a philosophy of life, there is little wonder why there is a spurt in demand for teachers who are trained in Montessori Method of Education.

Effective Montessori Teacher Training Courses

Education is the noble process that provides an awakening, enlightenment to our young ones — laying the foundation for not only their future success but also the wellness of a society itself. The way budding children are groomed lies in the hands of teachers who guide them through their entire learning process, enriching them with academic as well as emotional intelligence.

Montessori teaching helps teachers to enable children to reach their potential fully in varied areas of life, such as physical, emotional, social, and cognitive intelligence. Teachers who are prepared appropriately and effectively are considered the foundation for Montessori Education System. The Indian sub-continent gears to surge ahead in the world education arena with more number of Montessori schools being opened everywhere in the nation. Chennai leads the trend in Montessori Methodology with its quota of over 45 Montessori schools. Hence the demand for Montessori educators has reached a crucial high.

Qualities Expected of a Montessori Teacher

Prospective Montessori Teachers need to undergo in-depth training and learning processes to be able to guide their students according to the present day needs. A Montessori teacher must function as a demonstrator, role model, and record keeper who also needs to monitor the children’s growth and behavior in a meticulous manner. Similar to students, the Montessori teacher has to be curious and active in learning, having delight in growth and acquiring newer skills.

A continual inquisitive mind and respect toward each child’s unique style of learning and passion to guide young ones are a few key qualities that need to be inherent in Montessori teachers.

It is the responsibility of the Montessori teacher to prepare active and developmentally apt learning atmosphere, furnish classrooms with specifically developed materials, and encourage children to explore and discover things on their own pace and with their unique interests. Montessori teacher must enable children to experience the joy of learning.

Sharanalaya Montessori Teacher Training Initiative

Sharanalaya believes in grooming the young children to mature into adults who can face the world with agility and courage. We offer Montessori Teacher Training Courses for aspiring teachers to guide children in their unique journey of self discovery. Montessori Teacher Training Certification Program offered by Sharanalaya helps teachers to achieve their potential and allows them to develop their unique practices and techniques to assist children.

Prospective teachers taking up our Montessori Teacher Development courses will excel in empowering their students in the Montessori principle of learning to respect the self and others.

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