How Does Montessori Method Cultivate Intrinsic Motivation?

Montessori Method of education is based on the principles of developing focus and motivation for learning practically by using appropriate materials and a well-prepared environment. One major objective here is intrinsically motivating the desire for learning while providing gentle guidance to children.

Difference between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation While extrinsic motivation involves external rewards such as praise, grade, fame, and money, intrinsic motivation aims at achieving the behavior that is driven purely by internal rewards. Children normally have the natural and innate desire and curiosity to learn. Therefore, intrinsic motivation that originates from the individual is more effective in growing children.

  • How is Intrinsic Motivation Cultivated?
    Prepared Environment that Facilitates Each Group’s Success
    The Montessori prepared environment has been designed for coordination, concentration, order, and independence – with the space and material ready for learning, children are ready to experience the learning process smoothly
  • Reflection
    upon completing a task, or mastering a skill, the Montessori child is not praised with rewards but is being reflected – Montessori teachers see that the child explores its own success, rather than expecting external praising or reward
  • Individuality
    Children are viewed as individuals with their own specific needs and tastes – they are able to be themselves across the entire journey of education, thus being motivated to learn
  • Building Skills on One Another
    Upon mastering a skill, children are introduced to the successive one, thus motivating them to approach the next difficulty level with passion
  • Classrooms are Collaborative
    By being encouraged to share knowledge with others and give lessons among themselves, children are wordlessly communicated by the teacher that they are capable of achieving things
  • Not praise, but Acknowledgement is Emphasized
    Recognizing a child’s accomplishment without any added judgment or opinion is the specialty of the Montessori teacher – while praise qualifies students with the adult’s opinion, acknowledgement lets the child feel its own pride freely after learning each lesson

Sharanalaya School aims at fostering children in the spontaneous way by following the Montessori Method. We understand the need for developing self-esteem and empathy in children. It is our endeavor to nurture children in such a way that they grow into socially good-natured and mature adults.

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