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Exclusive Features of a Montessori School and How to Pick One Suitable for Your Child

Differing from the traditional educational system that focuses on academics and training students to learn fixed course content, the Montessori Method of Education concerns itself with comprehensive development of individuals. Montessori Schools have the exclusive mission of nurturing children and helps them in promoting their overall personality.

How Does Montessori School Differ from Traditional One?

Based on the principle that a supporting social environment is what drives children to learn at their full potential, Montessori Schools not only impart essential knowledge in them, but also assist them prepare for life.

Instead of meting out academic knowledge alone in the stipulated duration of the pre-designed course levels, Montessori Schools take up the position of complete care places that partner with parents for grooming the young ones to become matured in physical, social, and spiritual manner. Focus here is not merely on academics; overall personality development of children is being facilitated in Montessori Schools.

Salient Features in Montessori Schools
With the principle of assisting children in working toward attaining development through self formation, Montessori Schools need to make necessary preparations. Following are a few of the exclusive features that are tangible in the Montessori School environment:

  •  Work cycle in Montessori Schools last for two to three hours – without interruption
  •  Regular written observation of children are made
  •  Simple and serene environment is prepared and maintained throughout
  •  Montessori materials appropriate to the age of children are made available at all times
  •  Mixed age grouping is an exclusive feature in Montessori Schools
  •  Children are allowed to work individually; they may come together when needed
  •  Children are encouraged to actively participate in all activities and engage with all necessary materials that are designed exclusively with development perspective
  •  Positive and self-learning attitude is encouraged
  •  Materials are maintained, used, and stored in neat and proper way by children themselves

How to Identify the Montessori School that Suits your Ward?
Despite the fact that Montessori Schools share a common principle, there are differences among the programs. It becomes imperative to check the following criteria that help determine which one is suitable to your child:

  •  Official recognition is needed
  •  True Montessori environment must be available
  •  Self-directed activity must be followed in classes
  •  Children belonging to different age group are allowed to learn and share knowledge together
  •  Classrooms must be student-centered
  •  Teachers must take up the role of guides who assist and mentor the children
  •  Each child is allowed to learn and move ahead in his or her own pace

How Sharanalaya Montessori School Helps improve your Child’s Life?
We follow the Montessori Education System in its complete form. Helping children to become self-sufficient and mature into independent individuals is the aim of Montessori Method of Education. The activities in the House of children are directed toward meeting this objective.

It is our endeavor to help your child on its way to self realization and self development. Visit our website for further information.

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