The Montessori classroom is a vibrant community of up to 40 children, where the child learns to interact socially in a variety of ways. The age and sex mix comprises a three year age range of both boys and girls and approximates a family grouping. The older children will often act as models for the younger ones, thereby further increasing their confidence and knowledge. They also acquire a sense of responsibility through being leaders in the class, which further enhances their self image.
Years of patient observation led Dr. Maria Montessori to realize that children pass through very definite planes of development. Therefore, in the Montessori learning environment, children pass through stages rather than years.
Parent Toddler Program 18 months to 3 yrs
Stage 1 3-6 yrs
Stage 2 6-9 yrs
Stage 3 9-12 yrs
Stage 4 12-14 yrs
Stage 5 14-16 yrs
Stage 6 16-18 yrs

Meanwhile the younger children are inspired to more advanced work through observing the older children. The variety of levels in the classroom allows each child to work at his/her own pace. The program facilitates the development of a caring community within which cooperative rather than competitive learning can flourish.

In the Montessori classroom, the child is presented with an orderly environment with a variety of especially designed simple hands-on equipment that are easy to manipulate and are self-correcting in nature. This helps children to understand from an early age many difficult concepts that are usually stumbling blocks such as fractions, units, or verb.

In Sharanalaya, environments are divided into Primary (2 to 6 yrs of age) and   Elementary (6 to 12 yrs of age).

The School believes in quality over quantity. Each of the three environments has 35 children with appropriate child-adult ratio.

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