Enrolling in Sharanalaya

Children tend to settle more readily and adapt better to the situation and environment of the Montessori classroom if they enter close to their second birthday/sixth Birthday, depending on the individual readiness of the child. However, if a vacancy in an older age group does occur, subject to consultation with the policies of the school. 

The hours of attendance of a young child new to the class may be varied in the first days (or weeks) in class to facilitate a smooth transition to the Montessori environment. The teacher in consultation makes decisions on the timing of entry of children into the class with the parents and on the basis of an assessment of the needs of each individual child. The first two weeks of enrolment are a mutual trial period for both the school and the family.

Enrolment Interview

In preparation for periodic intakes or when an occasional vacancy occurs, applicant parents and their child are invited to attend an interview after their completed Application for Enrolment has been submitted.At this meeting the management staff will gauge the child’s readiness for school through an informal discussion with parents and observing the child during this informal meeting and the readiness of the child. Such information as the child’s health, interests, family background and prior experiences are discussed. A decision on placement will be communicated shortly after a successful discussion with parents.

Enrolment Criteria

The school takes the following criteria into account in the enrolment process:


  • Date of application
  • Age of child
  • Child’s social and emotional maturity
  • Readiness to commence school
  • Sibling of a child already at school


Prior Montessori schooling. Making the Decision Sharanalaya will have provided a range of information to ensure that families are able to make an informed decision when accepting an offer of a place at Sharanalaya Montessori School. This will have included the Parent Information Package, a tour of the school, the enrolment interview and consultations as may be necessary.

Accepting and Securing a Place

A place in the school will be secured and formalised when the Acceptance of Enrolment form together with a Conditions of Entry form are completed and returned to the school along with a photography

Admissions Enquiry Form