Details and history about Montessori teaching

History of Montessori:

The name Montessori came from the name of a professor named Dr. Maria Montessori; she started her journey as a teacher for a mental institution. In the early 19th century, Montessori was first appointed as director for a slum which had 50 kids who were three to six year old. She used the similar technique with these students and also she let them to independently work and to select the activities they were interested in. she observed carefully the way they learnt and the materials they selected to use. 

The kids developed self-discipline and concentration powers when they worked with the materials. She created new materials which were according to the need of children and discarded the ones which were not helpful. The theories developed by them were known as Montessori Method.

The theory of Montessori:

This is an education which is framed by the ambitious aim which was passion-driven. This helps to turn the development of the kid into a full adult human being, who is much comfortable independently with humanity and his society as the entire one. The approach of education system which is traditional and which is prevailing in the present is mainly focused on the transmission of knowledge block which were prescribed. 

The approach of Montessori teaching in Chennai is concentrating mainly to offer support to the development of humans naturally. The development and integration of character is the substance of human being which transforms into personality as a whole. A child who is stressed or bored leads to a society with an increased level of illness mentally.

In the present system, education is the correct means with which you can tackle the poverty, anti-social behavior, inequality, and other society ills. Even from the time before the child was born he guides himself of the development of his own. The basic issue which is found in the education system that is traditional is the lack of faith in the kid to trust him that he will be able to guide his own development and the tutors should be in a manner that they are able to support the task which is performed by the child.

Montessori programs guide for various age groups:

The education of Montessori is built on the continuous self-development of the kid which is on the yearly, daily, weekly basis for the program duration. There are classrooms for multiage which has been divided by the schools of Montessori. 

The various groups are:

Infant parent o to 3 years

Preschool 3 to 6 years

Primary 6 to 12 years

Senior school 12 to 18 years

The environment which is prepared gives introduction to a series of uninterrupted passages of learning or a continuum. In the present day, this education is spread wide across the world. The environment which is described will show the reflection of the learning characteristics that is natural for every stage of the development of the child.

Thus, this is one of the methods which encourages children to learn and develop by themselves.

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