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5 Reasons to Pursue Montessori Method of Education

The Montessori Basics      

Montessori approach has achieved great popularity around the world in teaching preschool as well as primary school children. Understandably, there are various advantages of following this practical and society-oriented teaching and learning environment. Having been devised and promoted the revolutionary system of educating children, pediatrician Dr. Maria Montessori strove for the welfare of the under-privileged stratum of the society.

Montessori in Recent Times

There are thousands of schools that adopt Montessori Method of teaching across the globe. Considered one of the best ever pedagogy that applies scientific methods and aims at developing real life skills in the children, the Montessori approach makes us of exclusive teaching materials. It encourages students to act responsibly and promotes self-discipline among them while the whole environment including classrooms and teachers follow the principles exclusively.

What Makes Montessori Method So Popular

  • Schools following Montessori Methods Abound
    • There are two major regulatory bodies that form and control Montessori principles, namely, the American Montessori Society and Association of Montessori International – schools following the Montessori Method of Education fall under one of these
  • Montessori Schools are Privately Owned and Managed
    • Mostly being proprietary institutes run by individuals, each Montessori school functions individually and does not operate under franchise effort – experience of the management and commendable practices play a vital role in the school’s visibility. How the Montessori elements and tenets are being adopted to and to what degree the intended practices are followed decide whether the school may be termed really as a Montessori School.
  • Originality of a school depends on its principles & methods
    • The term Montessori has not been trademarked – it is by adhering to the original concepts, methods and principles developed by Dr. Montessori that a school achieves the position of being called a Montessori School. The exclusive components that need to be included are multi-age groups to nurture peer learning, possibility to choose work activity, options to learn at individual speed and capability, apart from meticulously designed study materials offered in comfortable environment.
  • Montessori Schools Need to be Progressive Looking
    • Schools following Montessori Method are progressive rather than traditional – classes consist of children of different age group and guided by teachers. Children and teachers, along with the exclusive environment form the learning triangle. Teachers motivate the class in a manner that encourages independence, quality of order, and freedom with limits.
  • Use of Specially Devised Materials
    • Materials are designed to serve the purpose of developing the senses of children. Pattern of study and teaching methods and activities differ according to the age and capability of students. Children are allowed to choose the materials they like and work on them for as long as required. Having finished, they arrange the material in the same way as before.


Supporting reading and writing, Math and Science, and general skills required for enabling children to face the real world on their own, Montessori Method of education guides children to develop in their own pace pursuing their own interests.

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