The homely atmosphere and cheerful interiors will make your children feel at ease. They usually adjust easily and instantly involve themselves in regular activities. We conduct painting classes, music sessions, craft classes, and other recreational activities. Hence learning becomes an exhilarating experience rather than a monotonous drudgery. Also with more and more families having both parents working, there is a need for the school to be a second home where the child gets plenty of attention, love, sense of belonging, and a feeling of security.
Montessori Class Room fosters a child in a friendly atmosphere with spacious area. Furniture like tables, chairs, shelves etc., is child-sized. There is a library corner, snack corner, culture shelf in each room and children are free to move around the room, and to work on a piece of material as long as needed.
A Montessori classroom feels very different from traditional classrooms. Rather than placing a teacher at the center, here, you will find students directing their own activities and learning from one another. The Montessori teacher relies on her observations of the children to determine which new materials she will introduce to an individual or small group of children.

Children absorb every tiny detail, when they begin to discover their surroundings and understand the process on their own. This is where we come in, providing them with essential materials and information, helping them absorb everything that could be and avoiding that, which shouldn’t be. The process of teaching is not about molding them into ‘whom you want to be’, but giving them a long rope until they realize who they are, The School understands the need for outdoor exercises to achieve a balanced growth.Therefore, we provide specially made apparatus that are challenging both physically and mentally. Playing outdoors is a must on every single day at Sharanalaya.

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