Tips for Inculcating Social Skills in Children

One of the important aspects in preschool stage in which children tend to learn most of their behavioral patterns is socialization. This has been listed among the top priorities as well, as it forms the base upon which children develop their social skills.

Fundamentals of Social Skills
Social skills do not merely mean getting along with others in an agreeable manner. In the growing children, it is essential that learning good social skills including etiquette, basic manners, emotional control, patience, and problem solving are given equal importance as learning other subjects among children.

Why is Developing Social Skills Considered Vital in Children?
The world spins around networks. Communities abound. It is through mastering the art of mingling with peers and others who one comes across in different stages of life that success can be achieved in anything.

Being capable of striking a chord with whoever you need to move with provides an edge that helps you make it to the top. This is more pronounced in the modern world in which we live in a global community where understanding, empathy, and having good relationships is imperative. This calls for instilling these qualities among children in their young age.

Tips to Effectively Develop Social Skills Among Children

  •  Greeting others: Teach children to greet others with words, handshake, or eye contact
  •  Complimenting: Children must be taught to appropriately compliment others and accept others’ compliments gracefully
  •  Developing table manners: Growing children must be taught about how to eat, how to handle utensils and napkins, expressing emotions using words during the course of a meal, and be polite in asking for things
  •  Emotional control: You need to teach children to use words in place of actions, let them identify emotions, and make them capable of expressing their feelings in words
  •  Requesting for help: children have to learn to use words such as ‘please’ and thank you, they need to make eye contact and wait patiently without interrupting others
  •  The art of apologizing: We have to guide children to understand the importance of acknowledging mistakes, apologizing sincerely, and making amends on possible occasions
  •  Behavior in groups: It is essential that children learn to listen while others speak, speak in turns, and respect others’ personal space

Sharanalaya School has been nurturing children in the way that enables them to learn essential social skills. We make sure that children learn to be polite, respectful, and courteous. 

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