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Learning the Importance of Gratitude the Montessori Way

Living a peaceful, purposeful, and graceful life is achieved through several virtues, expressing gratitude being a crucial one. Montessori concept emphasizes teaching and expressing gratitude. Significance of Gratitude in Human Life Not just for maintaining a cordial relationship with people, regularly practicing gratitude helps individuals to alter the way the brain works as well. It

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Montessori Education Nurtures Children’s Emotional Intelligence

It has been proven by studies that high emotional intelligence is one vital factor that propels people toward success in several areas. Emotional intelligence or emotional quotient has a major influence on virtues such as being innovative, confident, optimistic, and empathetic. Playing such a crucial role in individuals’ lives, it becomes imperative that children’s emotional

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Tips for Inculcating Social Skills in Children

One of the important aspects in preschool stage in which children tend to learn most of their behavioral patterns is socialization. This has been listed among the top priorities as well, as it forms the base upon which children develop their social skills. Fundamentals of Social Skills Social skills do not merely mean getting along

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Self-Discipline is the Emphasis Rather Than Obedience in Montessori Method

Teachers associated with the Montessori Method of education help children in their learning journey, with emphasis on self-discipline. Self discipline is achieved when a child is able to make independent choices about good behavior without the need for prompting from adults. Obedience is Different From Being Self-Disciplined Although outwardly appearing to be similar, being obedient

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Learning Materials in the Montessori Environment

To be able to meet the learning needs of children, Montessori teachers have to make efforts and spend time on carefully preparing the essential learning materials – with children having varied levels of understanding and different capabilities in a single classroom, it is the responsibility of the Montessori teacher to see that children belonging to

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