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Start Encouraging Your Child to be Independent through Montessori Education

Enabling children achieve mental and physical skills while becoming independent is a great gift elders can offer them. In the Montessori education parlance, independence represents the ability of a child to mature into capable and civilized human being. How Does Montessori Method Help Children to be Independent since Infancy By developing the essential physical and

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The Montessori Method Basics that Support Natural Development of Children

The virtues of shaping our children using a method that allows them to develop into mature and responsible adults is being realized by people – the role of Montessori Method of education that fosters blooming young ones in a well-prepared environment has been universally recognized Enabling child development with rational approach The Montessori system of

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How to Shape the Efficient and Empathetic Montessori Teacher

According to the principles of Maria Montessori, a teacher needs to be free of all preconceived notions about children’s level of learning and their nature – the teacher has to look out for ways to enrich students’ knowledge and make them concentrate on learning by doing   What is Special about Training Teachers in Montessori

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