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Benefits of Montessori Education as Proven by Studies

Montessori Method of education focuses more on the personal development of children rather than examination and assessment. Research has proven beyond doubt that this helps children to be innovative, more mature, and socially adept.   Montessori vs. Conventional Schooling-the Difference Psychological evaluation has proved that considering a range of capabilities, children with Montessori Method of

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Developing Skills of Children with Montessori Education

Education has turned out as an indispensible part of human life both socially and personally. A need for education with a more constructive and developmental form has become an absolute necessity in today’s world. Montessori system of education fulfills these needs effectively thereby opening the door to a successful future for the children. Many parents

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Knowing about Montessori education for seeking admission

There are different types of education systems which are widely followed in India to fulfill the needs of students. Montessori education involves different approaches that help for analyzing the skills of children to a greater extent. It primarily aims in learning lessons with working materials rather than reading and writing. This system is becoming a

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