Steps to find the best school for Montessori

Once if you decide that you kid is ready for Montessori school, it is highly time to find a good school. It is always good to start you search earlier. People who live in big families usually book the Montessori school right at the time when the child is born. This is the truth which is prevailing in most of the big schools which are reputed. There are many Best Montessori schools in Chennai and one among the various is Sharanalaya school

Apply to schools:

After you identify few schools which are good apply to all the schools. By doing this if you get rejected in school which is of your first choice you can surely get one or two schools in the list of your second preference. To find out the best school for your child follow the few steps which are given below:

Note down your priority:

The first step is to decide as to what is your need either a school near your work place or the one near your home, which will be more convenient for you and your child. Do you want dancing and storytelling to be included in the curriculum? Do you have in mind any specific approach which should be followed for your kids’ education? Jot down all these things along with your other requirements so that you will be able to refer at the time of finalizing the schools

Start your research:

Ask to find:

Ask the people around you such as family and friends to find a school that is reputed. The best way to find a good school is through personal references.

Ask experts:

The helpline for child care can provide you with the agencies who are equipped with information about the school in the local area which is reputed

Go online:

You can obtain information even through a research in online.

Visit and ask your queries:

Few questions which are preliminary over the phone like enrollment or fee you will not get the correct idea about the preschool until you go and meet the staff in person. Verify with the director about all the things right from fees, hours and schedules of vacation.

Check the ratio of teacher to child and just have a note on the number of children for a classroom. According to the norms of NAEYC2 and 3 year old kids can be upto the maximum of 18 with a minimum of 2 teachers. For 3 to 4 years old this organization recommends up to maximum of 20 with at least of two teachers. For the age group of 5 maximum 20 candidates can be present in a class with two teachers or more. As and when there are minimum numbers of kids the one to one attention can be given comfortably.

Just observe as to how the teacher moves and interacts with the children. Ensure that the teachers are caring, friendly and encouraging. Select schools where they have a good staff turnover each child want consistency.

At last the selection of a Montessori school is a decision which is to be taken out of personal satisfaction.

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