Start Encouraging Your Child to be Independent through Montessori Education

Enabling children achieve mental and physical skills while becoming independent is a great gift elders can offer them. In the Montessori education parlance, independence represents the ability of a child to mature into capable and civilized human being.

How Does Montessori Method Help Children to be Independent since Infancy

By developing the essential physical and mental skills, infants are guided to meet age-appropriate challenges with confidence. As they courageously give new things a try, they are not affected directly by the success or failure; they in fact pick themselves up and try again till they succeed.

Initially trained and allowed to work with small objects on their own, children develop refined hand-eye coordination and hand movements. Picking up the thread, they are able to build upon what they already have learned. This leads to attaining newer skills and confidence to face new challenges. This way, a child starts tasting being independent and self-sustained.

The Right Amount of Help and Guidance
Montessori Method emphasizes offering help without criticism. If a child is in need of help, it is better to assist saying “Can I help you with this task?” rather than “What you do is wrong, let me do it for you!” And by continuing to get involved and correct children as and when required only, you ensure that they learn to do things on their own, leading to a period when you no longer need to help them for the task.

This model of offering only the required amount of help at the required time, and no more is called ‘scaffolding.’ It is the duty of adults to observe carefully and understand how much amount of help is needed.

Significance of Encouraging Children to be Independent
A child who develops skills to become independent is normally self-assured and confident. Toddlers accomplish using the toilet independently through proper guidance and efforts. For a child of age five, getting up on time in the morning and getting ready for school is a skill expected. At seven, the child must know the importance of time and perform various activities according to the time, such as studying, eating, and sleeping, on his or her own.

This step-by-step skill development provides children the chance to learn and build their own capability to meet their own requirements independently according to their age. Upon such foundation of independence and confidence, children will be able to learn other bigger things in life, as they grow up. They tend to take bigger steps and develop competence for various future needs.

How Does Sharanalaya Montessori School Help Children in Growing by Learning And Doing Things Independently?
Starting with curriculum through classroom environment to ways of interaction among students and teachers, the entire Montessori System Structure has been designed to encourage and motivate children to think on their own, make mistakes, discover, and learn from mistakes.

We see to it that each child’s curiosity is aroused, they are fascinated and interested in what they are learning, and they are encouraged to learn independently. Visit our website for further details.

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