Here in Sharanalaya not only do we practice the Montessori method, but we also like to spread the method, helping parents become more aware of this methodology. For the benefit of parents, we organize workshops on “Positive Parenting”. Such workshops help in everyday problems that the parents face in bringing up a young child. These workshops throw light on obedience, discipline and other child related topics.
The Key objectives of the workshops are: –

  • To provide a forum where parents can voice their concerns, shares their experiences with children with the other parents in the group.
  • To provide professional input & explore ways in which they could deal with their children more sensitively & effectively.
  • To expose parents to the Montessori approach.
Some of the topics discussed in these workshops are: –
(a) Handling Temper Tantrums (b) Human Tendencies (c) Internal & External discipline (d) Needs of a child. The response to these workshops is very good & most parents felt that they were eye-openers for them. The Annual Day or school day and the sports day is celebrated with much aplomb at Sharanalaya. Children perform their artistic best at such events. The school has many on-going camps conducted for craft, story telling, math, reading etc., The school is also famous for its summer camps conducted in April & May.
Outdoor Activities
An important part of children’s development is their activity in the outdoor environment. Concepts explored with classroom materials are applied to the wider outdoor environment. Nature and its fascination for the young child are brought into the classroom from outside. A range of exciting outdoor play equipment fosters physical activity.
In Stages 1 to 3, outdoor activity takes a further step and includes development of specific physical skills such as catching techniques, dance, fitness and a variety of games. Stages 2 and 3 participate in sport one or two afternoons a week. We various forms of sports, dance, yoga, and gymnastic skills.

For all Stages, taking children on excursions broadens the program. These may include trips to the botanical gardens, to museums, the library, galleries, recitals, theatre, national parks, historical exhibits and the like. Additionally, visitors with special skills and interests to share, who are expert in a particular field, may be invited into the classroom (e.g. a musician, person, craftsperson, visiting entertainer as class or individual interests warrant.)

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